Saturday, February 06, 2010

Characters from Sean the Vampire

Again, to get back to my ongoing stories, I have summarized the characters so far appearing in the story Sean the Vampire HERE.

1. Sean – He’s a vampire (just in case you missed that part). He casts a shadow, can see his reflection in a mirror, needs blood to survive, gets sense memories from blood, has no soul, his animal form is a bat and he wears black. He will not burst into flames and turn to ash in sunlight but it will cause the blood in his veins to congeal, in effect suffocating him. Light is painful to his eyes and renders him temporary blind, so he wears sunglasses.

While he can live on animal blood and a supply purchased or stolen from a blood bank, he must have fresh human blood to maintain his health and remain strong. He has decided to hunt down serial killers, torturers and various kinds of abusers to get his need for fresh blood met.

2. Doctor Death – aka David Smith aka Ghost Toasty. Currently a ghost. Died while doing cocaine and diving into his pool. Owns a Cherry Red Mustang with a bad muffler. He has a spectral body that is singed on the edges. He smells like roasting marshmallows. He met Sean in the store called Green Power located in a ghost town. He is a serial killer hunter.

During life, he had an infant son who was killed by his brother, John Smith, who mailed the body to him while he was working in South America, thus causing his drug addiction and death.
Leads Sean to John Smith so Sean can kill him.

3. John Smith – The first serial killer Sean kills. Older brother of Doctor Death. Lived in a mansion called Mount Olympus in California.

He had a wrinkled face, a paralyzed left leg and practiced black magic.

He began a foundation to help motherless children.

He created art for his walls of human skin as canvas and blood as the paint, one for each of his victims. His bedroom contained a King-sized round bed covered in pink stuffed animals.

Upon John Smith’s death, Sean, who killed him, takes over John Smith’s estate by assuming the identity of Doctor Death’s long dead son.

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  1. Ramping up to continue I take it :) WOOT!!!

  2. What about those trees with white bark? Do they move around and do mean little things?

  3. I think it was part 3 when Dr. Death was on Mount Olympus surrounded by Birch trees. I seemed to have had a feeling the trees had something to do with it. Maybe a MacBeth type of thing.

  4. You are absolutely right, Tom. There are birch trees surrounding Mount Olympus. Birch is a tree of protection but it didn't help John Smith.

  5. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has several different stories going on, written by several different alter egos, in my case. I think that my own biography is the most difficult one to write. The real horrors are always the worst.

  6. We look forward to more installments, I think.

  7. well I'm totally hooked already! It sounds great!

  8. I feel like I[m getting to know the characters!