Monday, July 30, 2007

Tidbits and Odds and Ends

Update 20070801: At Wings Unfolding for Wordless Wednesday - Pretty Pink Petals.

I can't find a picture to use for my hero in one of the books I'm working on so I will have to draw him. I can't use pictures of actors that look like him because their personalities or personal lives are getting in the way of my image of my hero. I can't separate the person from his picture. Perhaps I shouldn’t read the tabloids.

I read this weekend that the average advance on a fiction novel is around $1,200.00. That means putting out 5 or 6 novels a year just to make a decent living. I need to write faster.

Summer is my busiest time at work, so I'm always exhausted from the stress. I still haven’t won the lottery.

There's always so much that needs to be done that if I don't do lists, I end up wallowing in my own procrastination. My head hurts. Don’t let me forget to book the pavilion for next year’s reunion. I have to call in at 7am on August 15th. Already I can’t sleep from thinking I’ll miss the deadline. I’m pathetic.

I re-read and did an edit on Storytime,
which now has a snapping new title called Divine Death. I made some very cheesy mistakes, which I fixed and I changed a few things. If by any chance you have read any of it, I will finally be continuing on with this story. This one is practice in not only finishing a word count but also in planning a story and having it make sense. I did a map this weekend for the point to where the story is now. I know who dies and who the killer is and I have pictures of all my main characters, except like I said above, my hero.

I am also reworking my NaNoWriMo 2006 novel which will be called Marriage and Murder.

At some point a person just has to either shit or get off the pot.


  1. Marriage and Murder? What's the diff?

  2. Doug: That is so jaded. I never would have suspected.

  3. That means putting out 5 or 6 novels a year just to make a decent living. I need to write faster.

    LOL! Yes, but will your public also learn to read faster? :)

  4. I prefer " Fish or cut bait" in place of your closing statement.
    It's not the advance it's the huger sum for the movie rights.

  5. Just checking in with you...we are headed out the door on a road trip, so I'll have to come back by to read when I have more time.
    Have a great week.

  6. Wow. Four of five novels a year! I bet you could do it, though. I agree about the lists, much better than flying by the seat of my pants!

    I started Marriage and Murder, but I have to hit the sack. It was a 14 hour day for me and I'm pooped. I'll be back, though. Nice read.

  7. Nessa, I'll have to wait until next week to read. But I'll get there, for sure. I don't know why I think that I'm so busy, I'm not doing half of what you are! I'd be stressed, too. You must enjoy the writing an awful lot, though - or you wouldn't make the time for it. I just know that some day, we're going to be able to say that we 'knew you when'!

  8. I like, "Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way."

    I'm just sayin'.

    There is no way in HECK that I could write a novel. How do you do it? I'm still trying to write a song. One song. Just one. My hat is off to you.

  9. Kindred spirits, aren't we Nessa? So much to do, so little time.

  10. Dan: And silly me couldn’t do math yesterday, because I couldn’t live on $7,200 a year, could you? My public better read really fast.

    Dr. John: Ah, the movie payments. Now, that’s something to look forward to.

    Swampy: Have a good one, you ever moving target.

    Gawilli: Just remember that M & M will be changing, so when you are done with the original version, I hope you read the new one to see how they are different and hopefully the second one will be better.

    Jackie: There is always so much to do no matter who you are and I know a garden as beautiful as yours takes mega work (which I am not willing to do.) So I love looking at yours.

    Gawpo: Another good one, like Dr. J’s. I tried writing a song once. Not the music part, a friend was doing that. We couldn’t agree on our vision (translation: we didn’t play well together.)

    Kat: Yes. But when we are famous authors we can hire assistants to boss around; D

  11. Fine, fine, I won't make you beg ... you can use MY picture.

    -- david

  12. Doug, Doug, young, so jaded.

    Goldennib, I wish you would win the lottery so you could pursue your love of writing full time. BUt hey, it just takes one novel to get your foot in the door. Keep up the good work. I'm impressed with your whole organized process towards writing. Good luck!

  13. Ok, just don't get off the pot and THEN do that, that is all I ask.
    You are all bustling with determination and accomplishment, I feel motivated just breathing the air over here.
    Must be time to go

  14. David: OK, you know my email. I'll be waiting.

    G: I keep reminding myself it's the process not the goal (yeah, right.)

    Logo: Hold your breath until you are safe.

  15. So much energy here, I will have to return soon. Could you ship me some energy if you have my address??? Keep going, sounds like you are really on the move :)

  16. You are a novel animal, Nessa. I hope that "Murder and Marriage" is a best seller.

  17. Holy tamole! You ARE busy, lady! Good luck with ALL your writing! I wish I had half your motivation and drive.

  18. Pauline: It's called coffee and the kind I drink is very boring. I should try some flavors, huh?

    Grunty:I like being novel.

    Dabich: Thanks. Writing is thing thing that makes me most complete.

  19. I'm inspired just listening to what you have planned!
    Can't wait for Marriage and Murder...

  20. Sure, a $1200 advance, but once the royalties start trickling in, you'll be set. After you write 40-50 novels, I mean.

  21. OK!!!I am sure I left a message here a couple of days was probably my best writing.
    Now that I have finished reading Harry Potter 7, I can start on your novels.
    $1,200.00 would have paid for one third of my new air that is two or three more,no the math is all wrong.
    Better do it for the love of it and a train ride might help.

  22. Keep up the good work! I didn't realize how paltry advances were for fiction. Do some nonfiction. You can get $50,000+.

  23. Keep on...keepin' word at a time. You will do it.

  24. Mizmell: I hope your anticipation is worth my effort.

    Diesel: Is that the way it works? I’ll be set for my twilight years.

    Mo’a: The love is always there. But my love can be bought, too.

    Rhea: I heard non-fiction pays better. Maybe one of those a year and then I can fantasize to my hearts content. I had an idea (don’t laugh, it happens) last night.

    Jenn: I am. I’m all done just thinking about it.

  25. Swampy: As long as I'm making forward progress of some sort, I'll be sort of happy; D