Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Because I have nothing else right now due to brain fatigue.

1. Saturday, we all went on a trolley tour of Philadelphia and had our teeth rattled and our kidneys bruised. We stopped at Penn’s Landing for the Puerto Rican festival then took my Austrian Aunt to a Bavarian restaurant. The beer was good.

2. I spent the day Sunday putting together slide shows of our trips so she could take them home but when I tried to burn the CD it didn’t work, so I am still trying to finish that project. Then I drove my Aunt, my Mother and Father to the airport. My Aunt’s flight left at 8:20pm our time. She set off the alarms going through security (she has two metal knees) couldn’t find her doctor’s note and was almost strip-searched. On the upside, she said our female security guards have gentle hands (no, she didn’t really say that, she actually said they were quite mean and rough.) She arrived home safely.

3. Neither I nor anyone immediately related to me is listed in the D.C. Madame’s little black book.

4. My daughter and I are going to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 5:30pm. (This really should have been listed first and written in capital letters. Yippee! I’m sorry, I’ll calm down now. Yeah, right.

5. Friday, we are off to the mountains of Pennsylvania for our annual family reunion for my Father’s side. I plan on getting some good nights sleep. My Father was a little nervous yesterday, as the Governor of Pennsylvania closed some non-essential functions of the state government Monday due to budget disputes and the park we have the picnic in was closed briefly. But all is well and I will spend the day with people whose names I can’t remember.

6. Next weekend I must have a party for my husband’s birthday on the exact day that Book 7 comes out. I wish to express my deep sadness that I will be forced to take many bathroom breaks away from my guests in order to read my book. I consider this hardship and cruelty that I will be forced to suffer my husband’s birthday present. You think that’s fair, right?


  1. I was wondering whether I'd find anyone I know in the DC Madam's book.

  2. Oh, yes, I think that's only fair - when you are going to all the trouble of a party. :-)
    Spending the day, though, "with people whose names I can't remember" ought to at least earn you extra popcorn money for the show (if not a jewel in your crown)!

  3. Re: #3 -- You wouldn't happen to know of any other people who definitely aren't in the book, would you? Not that I'm worried or anything. Just curious. Extremely curious.

  4. I understand the Harry Potter thing completely! My daughter 3D and one of her twins will be at the bookstore at midnight the night the new book comes out. Another daughter, Actonbell, is a big fan too.

    I'm a retired PA state employee. The last-minute budget is a way of life here. (I was an accountant in the Office of the Budget. I could tell you some tales.)

  5. Party or not, at least you'll have the book. I don't know when I am going to get mine!

  6. My youngest daughter bought tickets for Harry Potter yesterday and has lined up a baby sitter so she and her husband can go tomorrow night. Exciting stuff.

  7. I'm plotting how I'll get my copy--right now due to extreme broke-age, the best option looks to be to let the PS pick up his copy, then give him incredibly mindblowing sex...and sneak off with it when he falls asleep.

    Think it'll work?

  8. Rhea: It’s a small world. You never know.

    Jackie: I am such a giving person; D

    Diesel: I saw a listing that looked suspicious, something like “D****l !!!”

    Tlp: I’d like to hear some of those stories.

    Quilly: Oh, no, you must find a way.

    Swampy: I can’t wait. I gave up lunches for a few days so I could leave early from work.

    Ms. Wilde: Any price is not too high; D

  9. Diesel: That "?" should be a smiley face.

  10. When we took my mother and Betty's mother to Las Vegas we had no trouble going out. But when we headed home my mother set off the alarms. After putting down her coat and everything that might be metal she remembered that she had her back brace on.
    My wife and my daughter went to the Harry Potter Movie last night at 12:04. The theater was full.

  11. I just got back from seeing the Harry Potter movie a few hours ago... And I've pre-ordered the next book. Yesterday a friend called me a "Harry Potter Geek" lol

  12. Dr. John: We toyed with the idea of going at midnight but I won't even give up my sleep for HP. I'm sure it was great for the though.

    Brooke: I get called Harry Potter all of the time.

    Katie: Buzz, buzz, buzz.

  13. I like Harry Potter, but even more interesting is the excitement that surrounds the book release and the opening of the movie. The phenomenon is amazing.

  14. mjd: The hype is fun and I'm not even a rabid fan.

  15. I am a rabid fan. I can understand any eccentricity or madness with regards to HP.

    After I finished book 6, I took to my bed sobbing. And kept to it for two days.

  16. I love Pennsylvania - what a beautiful state!! (It may be my favorite in the US - especially the mountains)! I love your idea of reading HP in the bathroom during the party! My spousal unit and i will be fighting over who gets to read - I imagine I'll have to steal it at night and go find a secret hotel room!

  17. Jenn: I don't know what I'm going to do Saturday. If someone tells me anything before I finish the book, you may see me on the news.

    Purple: You're lucky your spousal unit joins you. Mine just shakes his head, but I will be very tired come Monday morning.

    PA is gorgeous.