Sunday, July 01, 2007

Don't Make Me

I have been tagged by the lovely Dabich from This Too Shall Pass …and these are the rules:

Each person posts these rules before their list, then they list eight things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to eight other people then visits those peoples' sites and comments, letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.

1. The first thing you should know is that I love rules. If you know the rules…

2. …you know how to break the rules. I love to break rules. I do it on purpose all of the time.

3. I think most rules are really stupid and are only made so someone can control someone else.

4. I hate being controlled, even by myself. It’s a nasty habit.

5. I am easily controlled, though. If you want me to do something, tell me I am not allowed to do it. Easy, peasy, see?

6. I believe in commitments. Before making a commitment, one should think long and hard. Before breaking a commitment, one should think long and hard. This is why I didn’t get married until I was 39.

7. If I play games with no stakes involved I do really well. Once money is involved, I lose. Never ask me to buy you lottery tickets.

8. I remember writing my first story when I was nine. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything about it except that it was a story that I also illustrated.

Now, because of number two above, I am not tagging anyone.

I have learned how to use Movie Maker (free on many computers already) and YouTube (also free) over the last few days.

You can see my slide show of my trip to New York City on Thursday, June 28, 2007 or my slide show of my trip to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, June 30, 2007 or a video of my crazy dog called Mad Dog and he's crazy every day.

If you feel like it, tag yourself and let me know.


  1. Hey good job on the slide shows! But my favorite of the links is the MadDog video of course. He was mad 'bout sumtin' fer sure!

  2. Good work with the slide show. Also, you have made an excellent point about control. Indeed, many rules are made to control. I wonder though if some rules are made to provide guidelines or structure so that everyone can work together. Just a thought...

  3. tlp: On this day, the rabbits, the hundreds of rabbits, in our yard are making him nuts.

    mjb: No, no, those we call guidelines or suggestions; D

  4. Or even If...Thens. As in, if you touch the hot stove then you will receive a serious burn.

  5. LOL Goldie, I love your thoughts on rules. (I like to break 'em too!)

  6. Dabich: It's so much fun to be bad, isn't it?

  7. Great slide show. What's up with that hippy in the rainbow outfit???

  8. If you want me to do something, tell me I am not allowed to do it.

    LOL! You sound like my kind of person!! :)

  9. Good answers! Someone should make a rule that no more meme's or tagging is ever allowed. Ever.

  10. I work as hard at keeping rules as you do at breaking them. I wonder if there is a happy medium.

  11. Love the post. I don't care much for rules either, but sadly my worklife is governed by them to the point of irritation. Maybe that's why I avoid them in my homelife.

    On another note - thanks for the MovieMaker tip. I was not aware of this and have already tried it out. Very cool!

  12. Ok fine--you're never never allowed to buy soap from me. Can't. Do. It.

  13. Phoenix: I believe he’s on the cutting edge of fashion. Plastic jewelry is really in.

    Dan: What? Easily manipulated? ; D

    Kat: No, no, just a suggestion. If it were a rule, we’d have to break it.

    Dr. John: Didn’t Jesus reduce the number of rules we are to follow down to two?

    Gawilli: Sometimes rules replace common sense. Glad you MovieMaker. Easy and fun to use.

    Lady Wilde: Haven’t seen you in a bazzilion years. I hear beautiful, sweet smelling soap calling my name. My closets still smell of wonderful lavender.

  14. Interesting to read this about you Nessa! Cheers!

  15. I'm officially confused by this meme.

  16. Nibby, go click on your own YouTube link and check out the video on touching up photos. I got sidetracked and wound up watching it. It's amazing.

  17. Okay, I watched that slide show and I just want to know how much you paid CNN and ABC for the professionally taken photos. Cough it up!

    (they are breath-taking! thank you)

  18. I'd like to break the rule and shoot off sme real fireworks today but there is that darn $1000 fine so I guess I won't. Hope your having a 4th without too many rules.

  19. I love lists...and especially your list. Will be back to check out your links when I finish doing the things on my list of things to do today.

  20. My favourite rules are the unwritten ones.

    You know Ness that I'm a very law abiding citizen and follow EVERY rule they ever made and some that they haven't?

    You know that, right?

  21. Katie: How exactly do you mean “interesting”?

    Diesel: That’s because you are practicing for opera – me, me, me… (I know it’s not funny.)

    Gawpo: I watched those morphing videos. I have that program. All I can do is crop and brighten. I want to know how to do that cool stuff.

    I made an undisclosed settlement with them. Thanks.

    Dr. John: $1000 is too high a price to pay for fireworks. One must be willing to pay the price of ones actions. The only rule I followed was not to drink and drive. We had a good one. Hope you did too.

    Swampy: I love lists too. They’re everywhere…they’re everywhere.

    Rhea: In a very conservative sort of way.

    Jenn: I know you are a very good girl; always have been, always will be. Just like me.

  22. Interesting meme, Nessa. I will check out the You Tube stuff soon.

  23. Grunty: I'm going on a tour of Philadelphia today. I hope I don't get shot.

  24. The slides were very cool, your dog cracked me up though. Very cute!


  25. great answers
    will check out the slides nessa
    put on a new joke just for you!

  26. She's a rebel and she'll never ever be any good
    She's a rebel and she'll never ever be understood
    And just because she doesn't do what everybody else does
    That's no reason why I can't give all my love
    She is always good to me, always treats me tenderly
    'Cause she's not a rebel, no no no
    She's not a rebel, no no no, to me
    Ok, you have to imagine I sang that to you.

  27. Se7en: My dog is part kangaroo.

    Tina: Another great joke. I loved it.

    Logo: You have a lovely voice and I love being sung to.