Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I saw it, I saw it, I saw it.

Yes, folks, Wednesday at 5:30pm, I saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was fabo to the extreme.

I skipped lunch so I could leave early from work. My daughter and I went to the theater as a thunder and lightening storm struck the area. We ran into the building, ending up drenched, but did we care? No, of course not, 'cause we were going to see Harry Potter. Then, lightening struck the building knocking out the sound from all of the theaters. I must say, people get nasty really quick. Several people came out of their movies like anyone had any control over the weather. Assholes.

We were early. We wanted good seats. We picked the perfect time to go. Most of the other people there to see the movie were adults. Sound came back on quickly. All was well in the world until Ole' Voldy got up to his tricks.

This was the best of the five movies so far. Obviously, nothing compares with the books, but this was good. I'll say no more as I know it's early in the movie going timeline and I do not want to spoil it for anyone going this weekend.

I am off to the mountains tomorrow. I plan on reading and writing and walking and seeing about 120 close relatives. I'll be back (said in the Terminator voice.)


  1. good to hear from you again ^^

    sometime i'll update you on my life lol ;)

    have fun xxx

  2. You Crazy Girl, You: I have a Deviant Art account but I can't get on it from my computer. It doesn't like my cookies or something. I peak at you occasionally from work.

  3. I cannot wait to see it.....going to see the Edith Piaf movie tomorrow night with friends...going to Doylestown, PA LOL Later in the week I will go to see the new Harry all of it the books, movies etc.
    Have a great time in the mountains.

    Let's get together soon.

  4. Wow, if you're that into this stuff, you'll have to see what I can do with my magic wand!

  5. ~mo'a~: I'm glad to hear all of your house troubles aren't keeping you at home. Enjoy your movie. I may have some freedom towards the end of the month. I'd love to see you.

    Bert: I can only imagine what sort of Petronus comes out of the end of your wand; D

  6. It's too early for talk of wands...I haven't had enough coffee yet.

    I want to go see it, too. I might have to wait until tomorrow or even Sunday...but I will report back.

  7. I wanna see it too! I adore Harry. We did see Transformers, it was awesome!!

  8. Who's this Henry Potter guy everyone is talking about?

    Does he work off the wheel? Or is he a handbuilder? Someone fill me in, please.

  9. My wife and daughter went to see the first showing locally at midnight. They also enjoyed it. I will go some afternoon when the crowds are down.

  10. Ah, now you're all primed for my caption contest!

  11. Mountains sound good. Willi is doing the family reunion thing in Texas this week and next. It's all relative, I guess. *Snort* Hope your trip is a nice and relaxing one.

  12. I'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed the movie. That's a nice memory you made.
    Personally, I have never liked fantasy very much. My next-younger sister (who isn't a fantasy fan either) and I, took my next older sister (who is a BIG fan) to see one of the Potter movies. Older sister was here from out of town and begged us to take her! It was a labor of love - 'cause it just isn't my thing. It wasn't too bad, and kind of cute, but someone else can have my place in line.

  13. This is Malaysia. Can't even DREAM of getting tickets for Harry Potter until the first wave has died down.
    One week more, Nessa, only one.

  14. I plan on seeing it Monday or Tuesday.

  15. Haven't seen it yet but glas to hear that I won't be disappointed. I think the films have generally gotten better.

  16. My oldest daughter bought her tickets days in advance and then sat in line for two hours to see the midnight show. She and her friends sat, played cards, ate Bertie Botts... did I mention she's 18? She adores the books, though, so the movies are fun for her too. I think hubby and I are seeing it later today. Can't wait.

  17. It was a good movie, we saw it at 12:01 a.m. on release day in a packed theater filled with teenagers dressed like the characters. That was fun. Have a great weekend reading and visiting!

  18. I saw it today! It was just the thing I needed to get my mind from dwelling on nasty health worries.

  19. Who is this Harry Potter you are going on about?

  20. I have pre-ordered book #7 and am anxiously waiting 6 more days for it to arrive! I'm going to make anyone who tells me who dies before I get a chance to read it myself dead! (Ok, not really, but I will be angry.)

  21. Hope your vaca is amazing, and glad you enjoyed the mooooobie.
    Take care of you

  22. sounds as though a grand time was had by all! sadly, i'm more fond of fantasy films than my husband is, so i only get to see things like this when i can convince one of my OWN kids to see it with me. the older they get, the less that happens. oh well, that's what cable TV is for, right? ; ) xox

  23. That weather can be annoying, glad you enjoyed the movie. I may actually go to the theatre to see this one =)


  24. I read the first book, but just never got into it. I was just happy that kids were excited about reading again.

  25. I saw the movie this weekend, and I agree it was GREAT. I am now reading the books (so far, I'm about 1/3 into the 1st). I've been absent but I'm still around. Oh and TAG! you're it ;) (see my blog). Hope you're doing well, nib.

  26. Thunder and lightening before a Harry Potter movie seems an appropriate way to set the tone.

    I hope that your time in the mountains has been (was) grand.

  27. Hcg: Go, go, go, despite Bertie Botts Banana’s wand.

    Dabich: I heard that was good too.

    Gawpo: He may have been in Ghost.

    Dr. John: Did you go yet, huh, did ja?

    Diesel: Sacrilege, I tell you. I am so upset.

    Gawilli: I slept ten hours a night. Heaven with a babbling brook.

    Jackie: I don’t do most fantasy movies (my imagination is usually better) but Harry just tickles me.

    Jenn: I won’t say a word until you’ve seen it. Now we only have 2 and a half days. I’m getting wiggly.

    Quilly: Did you go?

    Purple: I think you’ll enjoy. I’m going back again next week just to take a break from the book before a second reading.

    DCMM: If I didn’t have to work the next day, I’d have done the same and I’m just a wee bit older.

    Kat: You lucky ducky. I think there will be more of those in the future like with Rocky Horror.

    Grunty: Great ideas for visualizations for kicking the asses of some nasties.

    Mr. Fab: No one compared to you baby.

    Brooke: I think you’d get away with it. I’d never convict you.

    Logo: A lovely time had by all.

    Neva: My 21 year old daughter is as hooked as I am. I hope that never fades.

    Se&en: It has great visuals.

    Phoenix: The series is great for that, if for no other reason.

    Jadzia: Haven’t seen you in a bazillion years. Glad to see you. I will go see what you have done to me; D

    Mjd: The weather did add to the excitement. We giggle a lot.

  28. Ah mountain getaways are great! Seems like you're having a fine summer.

    On that note, I could have sworn (it's a good thing I didn't) that I commented in your post below with the slideshows - they were fantastic. Both the city and the doggie! Looks like you've shown your auntie a good time.

  29. g: The mountains were great and peaceful.

    My aunt did have a good time. She's not much of a tourist, but enjoyed being with the family.