Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back and Single Minded

I have returned, as is obvious by my being here.

The weekend was lovely. The days were warm with cool breezes and the nights required blankies. I slept ten hours a night. I am now our family reunion secretary because I can not stand to see grown ups whine. My major function is making sure I call the park at 7am on a specific day in August so we get a reservation for our day and pavilion next year. We have a prayer. Of course, if I screw this up, my dad will kill me. I can't handle the pressure.

But onto more important things: I am catching up on my sleep so that 8am Saturday morning July 21st, I will have my hot little hands on Harry Potter. In between sleep, I am preparing for my husband's birthday party, so I can begin reading every free moment I have. I will forgo alcohol Saturday so I can stay awake all night until I have devoured every page and woe to anyone who tells me anything about the book. Yes, I am that excited.


  1. I saw the latest movie and now like you I await the last book.This is it. What will we look forward to after we finish it? Will life still have meaning. Is there even life after Potter?

  2. And isn't it funny that just as soon as I saw you here, I knew you were back, too!!??

    Glad your family thingy went well. You must be going to book at a state park, huh? They make you wait for a certain time to book for a certain time, too. Write it on the calendar. I have to write EVERYTHING on it - or can't remember to do anything!

    It's great fun to look forward to something, like you are doing with your book. I'm happy for you. (Even if I think you are a little nuts.)

  3. Glad your back! Glad it was good! Glad you are catching up on your sleep! I'm staying out of your way...You're on a roll!

  4. OK, I'm probably the last person around who hasn't read the book or seen the movie. Must do that this weekend.

  5. I'm a Potter fan too.

    Can't wait!

  6. P.S. I almost forgot...there's something waiting for you on my Thursday's post. **smile**

  7. You and your excitement are just too darn cute! :) It is lovely to see, feel... from your writing. I haven't read any of the books,, saw 3? of the movies,,,, great fun they were. I'm off to see Sharks 3D this Friday with the K-Bug and my brother. I'm sure that I will enjoy the new movie by and by!

  8. I cannot believe it...I have not seen the movie yet and I have not ordered book 7.
    Have fun :)

  9. Ah, my daughter and I just talked about making a date for the movie. Of course, she is chafing at the bit for the book. So we will be joining you in an early morning trek.

    All this is rather infectious. I guess it's high time I start on Book #1. Have fun and enjoy!

  10. I have to work Saturday and Sunday nights so won't get to start reading the final book until Monday morning :( But I will be hiding out with the book and no phone, 'puter, or tv until it's done! lol We'll have to compare notes when we're both finished with it.

  11. Dr. John: I don’t think there is a life after Harry. At least, JK said so. (Yes, we are on a first initials basis.)

    Jackie: We are so observant, aren’t we?

    I have several notebooks, two calendars and now I’m using the computer to remind me of things. One would think I’d manage to do things on time.

    Gawilli: I’m glad you’re glad I’m glad. My head hurts.

    Swampy: Catch up, please.

    Tlp: Me neither.

    Swampy: I saw. Thank you so much.

    Katie: I’m downright twitchy.

    Pauline: Thanks.

    ~mo’a~: Oh, no!

    G: It is catching. Just good innocent fun.

    Brooke: Yes, hide and read. Lots of fun.

  12. Saturday! OC's day off! He'll want attention and things like that ....

  13. OK, I'll tell you something about the new book: It's long.

    I'm such a spoiler.


    -- david

  14. That sounds like pure heaven Nessa, cool nights and warm days. Daughter #2 and I will be at the bookstore tonight at 12 a.m. sharp to pick up the reserved copies of our book #7. Happy reading to all of us!

  15. So does he die? Does he?

    No! Don't tell me! Stop! No spoilers.

    Ok, just a hint ... No!

  16. My wife is devouring it as we speak. You're all crazy, I tell you!

  17. Haven't you finished the book yet???? My granddaughters have finished. That means I can borrow the book.

  18. Hi Nessa. I am green with envy. 10 hours of sleep!

  19. I hope you enjoyed it, I haven't read a single Potter book or seen a single Potter film, they just don't do it for me. Each to their own eh.

  20. I read the first two and half of the third book. Since it's all the rage and I feel completely out of the loop, guess I'll read the others.

    You are in the running for a Barnes and Noble gift card at my place.

  21. I'm done, I'm done, I'm finally done. I even read it at work, openly and unashamedly.

    I had warned the boss that I was a fan as in fanatic!