Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Tears stand at the back of my eye balls, unshed at this time because I am at work. My settlement on the sale of my old house was scheduled for this Thursday. I hadn’t heard from anyone, so I thought I'd check on the status of the sale. I called the buyer's realtor. She said everything was going ok; she just needed to hear back from the buyer’s mortgage company. Plus, I needed to get the certificate of occupancy done, ‘cus they thought I was gonna do it. They said they were going to do it in the beginning even though the seller usually does it. I’m feelin’ warm and fuzzy now. I called my realtor to double check that it wasn’t done. She didn’t know nuttin’ ‘bout it.

Low and behold, it was not done. In our town, the certificate is done by the fire department. They check on smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors and fire extinguishers. My daughter is a fire fighter and her boy friend is, too, plus heÂ’s a certified inspector, so no probs. I set this up as soon as I got back from getting my husband a new phone battery. Done.

Then, I check my voice mail messages. One is from my realtor. The buyerÂ’s realtor just called her. The seller recently made a bunch of credit card purchases, which threw her credit rating into a tail spin. Now, the mortgage company will have to redo her mortgage which will take another two weeks. This upsets me a great deal because the buyer is a twenty year old girl who seemed very responsible. She was our papergirl. She asked for the chance to buy our house and said no one else would give her a chance. So I gave her a chance. No good deed goes unpunished.

I am very depressed. I had just told my husband last night not to count his chickens before they are hatched: anything could happen until it is all over. I really hate being right. It sucks great big hairy ones. (ThatÂ’s spiders for all of you with naughty minds.)

PS. And now I feel like a total ass because a friend's eighteen year old daughter had a tonsillectomy today. She just now called work hysterical because her daughter is in intensive care becasue she had lost so much blood that they had to pump her stomach and they won't even let her see her daughter yet. And I just found out from someone else that her husband quit his job yesterday. His company offered him a $15,000 a year pay cut, so he walked out. Instead of accepting and then using his personal and vacation days to look for another job, he quit.


  1. Well goldennib, they say everybody has a different side, and today's post shows me yours. There's me thinking with a name like goldennib you were a sweet writer, who goes round bringing a smile to Jenn with your witty remarks.

    And it turns outyou are non-plussed because of delays in the housing chain. My, My! No good deed goes unrewarded?

    The 20 year old papergirl getting a mortgage on a house - which part of paradise (or parallel world) do you live in Vanessa. I might be thinking of moving there. A 20 year old papergirl be lucky to afford to rent a room, or buy a shed in a garage in Cambridge. lol!

    And she's up to her eyeballs in creditcard debt. This gets better and better. Do they give away mortgages in your neighbourhood. A house here starting at £200,000 for something you can barely swing a cat in, means you need a wage or 'combined' income of £70,000 plus.

    The chap quitting his job because they offered him a $15,000 pay cut Now we are really in a parallel world. How much was he earning before they offered him a paycut? uh? As for the girl in hospital...

    Not wanting to sound heartless, but whilst one should care about people, it serves us not well if the burdens drain our ebergy and faith. So, apart from that did you have a nice day?

    And what is your link to Jenn from Kuala Lumpur, if any?

    Sorry, if I appear to be 'over' intrusive. But I have the time and the inclination. Q.

  2. In each of these events, you can't effect any change. You're an action gal. Perhaps that's why it's especially painful and frustrating?

  3. Quasar9: Glad you are back. I love long comments.

    goldennib is an aspiration, not a conceit.

    Our papergirl is no longer a papergirl, and the house we are selling is small. She seemed responsible, but one never knows. The sale is not over, it's just postponed, so I shouldn't be so upset, but we thought we'd be done with it and be able to move on. I'll get over it soon.

    I don't know what the pound to dollar conversion is, but the ratios seem right. It is suprisingly easy to buy a house here, USA, if you haven't messed up your credit and shop in your budget.

    And the husband who quit was a salesman, so he might have been earning 50 - 60 k. Stupid, huh? I never would have thought he'd do something like that. He won't get unemployment for 6 weeks because he quit. And he's in his 50's so changing jobs is not easy at that age.

    The girl in the hospital is now out of danger. This upset me more than usual because it seems like everytime
    the mom turns around something else goes wrong.

    Work was exhausting (it is summer, when everybody moves), but not in a good way. The company I work for is now having financial difficulties, my boss is unstable, we were short 4 office staff, and I think I've accepted that I must move on after being there for ten years. And it's stinky hot and humid outside. Happy, happy.

    I love Jenn. She is a beautiful writer, she always gives good advice, we are exactly 12 hours apart in the world and she's my walking buddy. One day I'd like to have tea (wine) with her.

    And you may always feel free to ask questions. If I don't want to answer I won't.

    On a truely happier note: I am sitting in my garret, looking out of my window, where the tree branches are waving in the wind. I feel very much the artiste.

  4. Furyouhin: You hit the nail on the head (I think I'm using way too many cliches today.) Anyway, I believe every problem has a solution, you just need to keep looking and then fix it. I know it's not appropriate for me to get involved in everyone else's business. And I really hate it when someone else's business impacts me.

  5. Hey Nessa: I love you too. Also, have you ever found how things become particularly difficult just as they are about to materialise? When I decided to go to Australia...I had everything planned. And then the money part of it got pretty difficult like four months before. So I sat down to try and figure it out. I could either quit and give up my dream, or I could work something out. So I started working something out and once the universe saw I was kinda serious, it chipped in and helped. Like a lot.

    The thing is, not to take these situations too seriously. I am sure that somehow things will work out for you. And the paper girl, she will come through somehow.

    Call me Pollyanna. (I really love her despite the general contempt in which she seems to be held)

  6. Ooops, hope we haven't made Jenn late for whatever ...
    I've got the feeling I really really wouldn't want her cussing me. Not even in jest. lol!

  7. Jenn: Yes, I know the pattern. And I know all will be ok and as you said, even better than expected.

    Quasar9: k. I bet Jenn cussing us would be fun. We'd giggle afterwards.

    Glaciermeow: Thanks. Plus, her Mom's friend does mortgages, so I think that's part of it, too.