Monday, July 31, 2006

Dancing at Lughnasadh

It’s Lughnasadh Eve. I planned on preparing for tomorrow’s First Harvest celebration by getting some fresh ears of corn and blueberries, both locally grown, but all of the farm markets were closed on my way home from work: too hot for them to stay open all day. I’ll go out at lunch tomorrow and get them. Instead of baking my blueberry corn muffins in the morning (with kernels of corn shaved from the fresh ears), I’ll do it tomorrow night. I’ll pick the ripe tomatoes and fresh basil from my own garden for a salad. I bought a lottery ticket today and I will actually check the numbers tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me, I’ve run away. No actually, if you see me blogging all day long and late into the night, you’ll know I’ve hit it. Oops, sorry, I digress into one of my favorite fantasies.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, thanking Mother Earth for her bounty. This is the time to really enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables: wallow in the excess of produce. We can really enjoy the fresh abundance while even knowing the Sun has begun its decline into Fall and then into the dead of Winter, where the Oak King rules. Life feeds death and the cycle continues.

As the moon is waxing to full, it’s a particularly good time for gathering in the abundance around us, physically and spiritually. What seeds have you been sowing over the last few months?


  1. Seeds of madness it seems.

    Have you ever read The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper? It is sort fantasy/mythology and brings in old Britain and the old religion (OK she made up the religion, but I think it's kinda cool).

    You know what I have a lot of time for? Beltane.

    Anyway, Happy Lughnasadh.

  2. That's good. Winter is coming, the madness will die.

    No, I have not, but sounds good. I'll check her out.

    I missed May Day. So very much going on. But I am trying to make an effort to add more specialness to the seasons.

    Thanks, you, too.

  3. Seeds? For June, July & August:

    Hmmm -- I am co-chairing the Revival Committee. I co-taught a discipleship class at church. AND, I am leading the Wednesday Night Prayer & Praise service on August 2nd. My sermon is on patience. (Posted 6/20 on my Christian blog).

  4. Well nessa, predictable outcome. Everyone has to trust or faith in something or someone. Where there is no trust ... well why say more.

    It's all a trick of the light.
    Hope your year is good. Mine will be a little darker and a little sadder than it would have been if I could have made your friend's a little lighter ...

  5. "Life feeds death and the cycle continues" ... that was very profound! And happy Lughnasadh Eve! :)

  6. Quilly: You have a great harvest. I need a shot of patience and looked for you post, bit didn't see one for June 20th or so titled.

    Q:You must give it up and walk away.

    Grey: Thanks. I am trying to connect to the cycle.

  7. No, you probably didn't find my sermon -- 7/20 -- supplying you with the right date would be helpful ....

    With our former Pastor the other church Lay Leaders and I (certified speakers) led the Wednesday night services, except on the 3rd Wednesday of the month because Pastor served communion, so I spoke once every six weeks or so (about 4 times per year).

    Our new pastor just said she wants to make some changes to Wednesday night service, so that may end. As much as I like speaking, I don't mind the thought of change. Our Wednesday night service has been dying for a long time. Last Wed. there were 10 of us there -- counting pastor and the pianist.

    The problem is -- people come to hear me speak because I usually do some sort of stand up comedy routine. People don't come to hear Dion speak because he is all fire and brimstone .... So, each speaker's personality determines the attendance.

    word verification: npr nuz n

  8. As to that post you couldn't find -- aside from the missing date -- which of my 4 blogs were you searching for it?

  9. Hi nessa, done.
    It was a drama that had to be played out. You know like when a car goes into a skid, you don't want to hit the oncoming traffic but you can see it coming.

    Alas Celtic second site doesn't just guarantee we'll see the future pretty. But this one was just plain annoying, you know the: "you can say or do nothing right." "I'm gonna burst your bubble cos its the only thing makes me feel good" well she got her wish, hope she feels good.

  10. Quilly: That's great that you have a female pastor.

    I know you should listen to a serman for the words and their meaning, but a good speaker really would help bring people closer to God.

    I looked on Matthew 28:19.

    Q: Please do not mention it again.

  11. I hope you aint connecting the wrong part of the cycle...

  12. Goldie, if you win the lotto will you marry me? If that is not possible, I could put myself up for adoption. Think about it.

  13. Grunty: I will keep you in mind. I will have to ask my daughter if she will share her inheritance.

  14. Congratulations on making the finals in this week's caption contest, my favorite animated butterfly! :)

  15. Mr. Fab: You stopped by. I'm tickled pink.

    Sar: Yippe! Another nomination. Thanks.