Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Did I Hear Someone Say Shit?

I woke this morning to the news that my president got caught cursing while speaking with Tony Blair. At first, I couldn’t believe what I heard, but then I wasn’t really shocked. The video revealed a rather nonchalant comment. By reading his lips, I could tell the word wasn’t a particularly bad one. When asked to comment on being caught using a four letter word, our fearless leader just shrugged and grinned.

I don’t know about you, but I like a man that is not afraid to be himself. What’s wrong with a little curse word now and again? Tony didn’t appear upset. He didn’t even bat an eye. I bet he’s even used worse words. I’ve used worse words. And I know you have, too.

He has already been reviled by a country singing female trio, people make fun of him on the internet all of the time, his parents cry every night because their sons just aren’t too bright, enough is enough, with the unimportant stuff. People should just lighten up on the man. Let’s face it, his language skills should be the least of our worries.

Did you see him chew and talk with his mouth open before he got caught cursing? His table manners are atrocious. Now, that’s something to lose sleep over.


  1. Wasn't it Dubya's dad who hurled during a major state dinner overseas?

  2. I was gonna be cynical or even zennical, and say nothing is worth losing sleep over, but I guess you'd need to wear earplugs to sleep thru an impromptu air raid.

    And aside from that being part flesh there are some things that I'm happy to be losing some sleep over at 'sleepovers' - And it's good night from me, and good night from ...

  3. what, aside from him being in controll over one of the biggest and most pwerful conties in the world?? :P

    you should hear what the 12 year olds i was teaching were coming out with! - it burns more than the sun (we gotta heatwave atm )

  4. Guilty! I make fun of Dubya all the time. Except that it's now passe so we make fun of other people (like our own misguided leaders).

    No wonder they want to ban blogspot!

  5. I don't discuss politics... too dangerous around Bloggyland. BUT, I will also say, big freaking deal. I say shit all the time.

    Besides, if he said 'goll darn' or dadgummit or 'poopy stuff,' I'd probably be very concerned. People who never swear make me nervous.

  6. Yeah we did make fun of him over here in India till he put the nuclear cooperation agreement through. There is no conviction in the way he talks though! Now our leaders arent any different either and most of them are puppets being played from unseen players but he is the leader of one of the most powerful country in the free world!

    Jenn... Are they blocking Blogspot in M'asia too?

  7. Ha, like the way you put it, Goldie.

  8. Serra: I guess he's just following in the old man's footsteps, then.

    Q: Some things are losing sleep over.

    CECCG: One would think someone in his position would have better control, but then again, this wasn't all that bad compared to other things.

    Jenn: He is becoming just too much of an easy target for our jokes.

    DCMM: Wise move. Blogger is apparently watched. India has blocked Blogger. And if you are going to swear, at least put your heart into it, dagnabit.

    Grey: As prez, the least I expect is a good appearance. Substance never hurts, but I'm not sure we can get much of that.

    The Grunt: Thanks. May I call you Gruntie?

  9. All presidents have had to face ridicule -- some just make it easier than others.

  10. i can't talk about that guy without saying 'shit.' generally proceeded by "holy" or "dumb" or "that little."

  11. Grey: No. But they wanted to sue bloggers. And they are watching us, oh are they watching us. One toe out of line and our supposedly docile post-Mahathir government will bear down on us like a tonne of bricks (Yeah I'm talking about you Pak Lah! Sticks tongue out at him)

    Nessa: As I said, our leaders are probably like, much, much worse and much easier targets. They had to ban bad language in Parliament because when these guys were having a Parliamentary debate they would bring in the other's mother's private parts. I mean to say, what?

  12. Hmmm i hadn't heard that.

    I hate it when people chew and talk w/ their mouth full of food. yuck!

  13. Quilly: I agree.

    Furyouhin: Me, too.

    Jenn: I'm sure we are watched, too. After all, spying on US Citizens without a warrant is legal. Just ask JW. And your parliment sessions must be entertaining. Do they try to hit each other when someone says, "Yo mama!"?

    Jamie: I find his eating habits worse than his language. You can see him chew ans talk with his mouth open in the cursing video.

  14. Well they say it in Malay and believe me, it sounds a hell of a lot more vulgar in Malay.

    I think there may have been moves to hit each other, but they're all hamming it up. Not serious. It's funny to watch two or three guys trying to restrain a portly MP in his Bally shoes and Zegna suit, pretending to be furious.

  15. Yes you may, but it is Grunty. I like to have a little question at the end--"y".