Thursday, July 20, 2006


I drove to the park today on my lunch break. Located less than five minutes from my office, the park offers me a midday haven from my hectic, boring job. I putted over there and took a much needed reading vacation. (I hear you say I should have been walking at the park instead of reading, but I already walked this morning before work, so Nah.)

I sat with my cup of tomato soup in hand, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting and my little novel. I parked in the shade of a tree to take advantage of the cooling effect in our heat wave. A few cars dotted the lot. No other people were around.

I read book five, Dread Mountain, of the Deltora Quest series by Emily Rodda. It is a children’s book. It has excitement, clever little riddles, and adventure. With short chapters, it is easy to put down and pick up, making it perfect for an hour’s getaway.

I lost myself in the strange creatures our trio met on their quest. I laughed at the idea of sitting in the pouch of a kangaroo type beast while it flew with great leathery wings. I pounded the seat when it appeared that Doom may be a bad guy. I shuddered when I found out Lief’s father rotted in prison. I cringed when the baby Kin fell to earth with an arrow in her heart.

I looked up, my heart beating rapidly from all of the drama going on in the pages of my book and I saw an elderly man standing in front of me. He had his shirt off, pot belly and man boobs jutting into the breeze, with sweat dripping from his brow, pitts and tummy. Talk about ruining a good high.


  1. The illustration made this post all the better! Love it!

  2. What was that guy doing standing in front of you? Was he perving? Was he interested in the subtle play of emotions on your face while you were reading?

    You're right. There's nothing like coming back to earth in an abrupt manner to ruin a good reading high.

  3. Lol! Yeah thats a ruiner alright! Hey but he probably did chose the spot cause not many ppl were around!

  4. LOL! Yeah, quite a buzzkill for sure. But up until then, it sounds like it was a perfectly lovely time. And the series sounds fascinating. I need to look into it.

  5. I read this while eating my dinner --- thanx for the visual NOT!

    You know, I thought I was the only adult who read children's fantasy. I just finished reading Lloyd Alexander's series about Taran and friends which the cartoon/movie, The Black Cauldron, was based on.

    I'd read the books many years ago and enjoyed them as much this time as then.

    I am also fond of Patricia Wrede's, Dealing With Dragons, series. They may be children's books but they're very thought provoking. The King of the dragons is female -- because King is a job, not a gender.

  6. heh! poor fella! don't be so hard on him. just cuz he has man boobs shouldn't mean he's not allowed to air them once in a while.
    but i do sympathise with you. and that sketch was hilarious!

  7. huh? I'll remember "not to lose my shirt" next time

  8. or is it
    "keep your shirt on"
    I never know, guess it depends if I'm in Vegas - or the tropics

  9. Old fur tits McGee! Sorry you were afflicted with this horrible scene, Goldie.

  10. There's nothing like getting lost in fantasty - of your book, your book I say!

    And you're excused from walking at lunchtime - it's too freakin hot!

  11. Hey! Tomorrow it will be a week since you posted! Did you go on vacation and not tell us? Everyday I pop by and this pic of my Umcle Norm greets me ....

    CVome back and play with us!

  12. Dcmm: Thanks. He was so round, I had to capture him.

    Jenn: He was just sweating and being free. He had stopped on his walk, I guess to take a break so he didn’t have a heartattack.

    Furyouhin: Yes, very.

    Grey Shades: I don’t think he was even aware of me.

    Caryn: I have been forcing myself to leave the office everyday at lunch time to read. It has been a great destresser. I usually work striaght through for 9 hours. Not healthy.

    Quilly: I’m sorry to ruin your dinner, but misery loves company. I, too, am liking the children’s books. Very entertaining.

    Pink: I try not to judge (yeah, right.) And thanks.

    Q: Were you running around half necked again?

    Grunty: Thanks. Your sympathethy is greatly appreciated.

    Jamie: Yes, yuck.

    Sar: Most definitely hot: the weather, not the man.

    Gentleman-hobbs: I will look into this. I can always use a couple of markers. Thanks for stopping by.

    Disciple: Sorry, Quilly. The days are flying by. Lots of work everywhere. I will post today, promise. Playing is better than work anyday. And thanks for asking.