Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh, No, Mr. Bill!

I slacked off over the holiday weekend and now I am behind. I am having anxiety attacks. Give me drugs. I told too many people I was doing this stupid thing and now I'd rather die than not get to 50,000 words. Give me drugs. I will be back on December 1st if I survive. Give me drugs. Man back in they 70's people would throw drugs at you. What's up people?

Why do they refer to criminals as gentleman, as in, "A gentleman broke into a house and shot all eighteen people living in the house." Did the definition change and no one told me?

And I nearly pissed myself. Guess what? Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from Kid Rock. I can't imagine why that didn't last, can you? Friggin' hillbillies.


  1. You set a goal, you'll reach it, with or without drugs. If you don't get 50,000 words, just say the story didn't require that many!

  2. Did the definition change and no one told me? You crack me up! Get to typing, Lady!

  3. Try the 'typical cell phone conversation' gambit. All you have to is have two of your characters try to have a cell phone conversation:

    "Hi, this is Babs."

    "Hi, Babs, it's me, Rick."

    "What? You're breaking up..."

    "Babs, it's me, Rick."

    "What? I can't hear you..."

    "Oh crap... Can you hear me now?"

    "Hello? I can't hear you."

    "Babs, it's me, Rick."

    "Who? Who is this? Oh crap, I hate my phone."

    "Babs, can you hear me? Wait, I'll go outside... Can you hear me now?"

    "Rick, is that you?"

    "Babs, yes, it's me Rick..."

    Ad infinitum... Do two of these per chapter and you'll get to 100,000 words in nothing flat.

  4. yup, that Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock thing was a big surprise, I thought they were for keeps, and what a talented pair they both are

  5. I have some muscle relaxers left, want them? Take them on an empty stomach and it is bitching!

    Yeah, they don't make gentlemen like they used to.

    Guess who's up next for Pam? That should be a new game show.

    I hope you get feeling less anxious, Nessa. I need you well.

  6. i can offer you vioxx via my mum lol ;)
    she still has some left over X_X

  7. Nessa-you can do it! I wish I had drugs to share with you, but I don't. You'd just end up getting the munchies and forget to write because you were busy watching teletubbies anyhow...

  8. You go girl...write write write...I'm so shocked about the split-up...just tears me up... and such talent between them...most people have more in their little fingers...

  9. keep going nessa you've got this far i know you can do it with or without the aid of drugs!

  10. Just end it with a picture. Don't they say a picture is worth 50000 words?

  11. Pamela Anderson was married to Kid Rock? When did that happen?

    Now get back to your word olympics. ;)

  12. What you need is a goal = reward system. Tell you what. If you reach 50,000 words I will make sure that Pamela and Kid Rock get back together. For good.

  13. I thought it would last at least until Pam's next boob surgery. Shame.

    You can do it, Nib!

    When you're done, you can make me read it!

  14. Yeah...I know...first Jennifer and Brad, then Britney and KFed and now Pam and Kid Rock. What is happening, my whole belief system of holy matrimony is shattered to pieces I tell you :)

  15. I agree. You need drugs.

    What about ritalin?

    Liz Wurtzel wrote "Bitch" on ritalin.

  16. I like bert bananas' idea about the cell phone conversation! You can do it!

    I've never heard that 'gentleman' schlock before... our news people always say "suspect." Or "alleged intruder." haha

    Yes, yes... I was just shocked over Pammie and Kiddie's news. Maybe, like people who don't know how to drive and who lose their licenses, Pammie should lose her ability to obtain a marriage license for a while.

  17. Get yer nose to the grindstone and type, type, type.

  18. Kat: Goals do help. Drugs just make it more fun (although I would no longer know.)

    Quilly: My wrists hurt.

    BB: Next year I will set my NaNo in a cell phone era so I can use this. (Babs? What, are we talking to Barbara, The Barbara.)

    Bazza: They did have four wedding. One would have thought it would have last at least four months.

    Grunty: I like your idea for a game show. And I’m ok. They don’t really make any of the drugs I like any more, so I just stay boringly sober.

    CECCG: I may need them later. I’ll keep you in mind.

    Cindra: Yes, they do have a way of distracting one.

    Libra: Us libras are the ultimate romantics.

    Swampy: It’s because he’s such an old-fashioned guy.

    Tina: Thanks. I did keep going. And w/o. I’m such a party pooper.

    CK: You are brill.

    Dan: Were you napping again.

    Alastair: That would be a dream come true.

    Diesel: I’m off to check if your contest is still on……

    Mr. Fab: Thanks, baby.

    Minka: Why can’t they just live together like normal people?

    Jenn: I heard that Ritalin is like speed if you don’t really need it. I always liked speed. There was a time.. oh, never mind.

    DCMM: If she wants a party she should just have a party, for goodness sake.

    Rhea: Hi, thanks for stopping by and your encouragement. I’m done now, so I must go find out who you are. See you at your place.

  19. Based on your story update a couple weeks ago, I'll GLADLY wait an extra couple days ... I can't wait to hear a little bit more about this crazy little novel! ;)

  20. Anita: I'm all done. Feel free to check it out, if you dare.