Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A New Kind of Wordless Wednesday

Why do people like to talk to me? All day long, where ever I am people seek me out to tell me things. They talk and talk and talk. They tell me about their kids, they talk about their co-workers, they complain about their bosses and they detail their daily activities. My days are one long interruption by people who think I want to listen to every thing they have to say. They don’t even know I’m never listening. I’m always thinking about something else mostly because their stories are so boring.

Is it because I have developed the art of fake listening? I know when to nod, when to grunt some sort of response and I look at them (although I’m actually looking behind them over their right shoulders.)

If I told people I had no interest in them and only wanted to spend my time doing my own thing and concentrating on my own amazing thoughts, do you think they’d get mad? I wonder if I’d care if they got mad.

Can we make Wordless Wednesday a day where no one says any words to me? I always wanted to be a hermit. I’m getting back to liking this idea.

Total words needed to stay on track: 13336
Total word count to date: 13497

And I’m already cranking after eight days; this aught to be a great month.


  1. You are absolutely on fire!

    Ooops. I wasn't supposed to talk.

    Do you want me to delete this?

    I'll get back to you later.

  2. You goooo girl! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Cindra: I was cranky because I was behind in my word count and I had to stay up three hours after my bedtime to catch up. I's sorry.

    Dabich: Thanks. I'm peddling as fast as I can to keep up.

  4. It's probably your sympathetic demeanour.

    Don't do anything about it though.

    At least, not till I've met you.

  5. People do this shit to me all the time too. But I do tend to pay attention because you never know when they might say something funny, interesting, or potentially incriminating. Or I just imagine them to be oversized meerkats or talking soda bottles. That helps.

    Keep workin' on the book. Good job.

  6. lol at the art of fake listening

  7. I've been meaning to tell you that I have to go to the dentist next week. They think I might need root canal. By the way I voted -- I DID MY CIVIC DUTY. I am so proud. I had cereal for breakast this morning.

    The neighbor. Oh, what I could tell you about the neighbor! In fact, why don't I? The neighbor was mowing the lawn when ...

  8. On most days, I manage not to speak to anyone until 6pm when I get in to work.

    It's nice.

  9. No need to apologize...we girls get to be cranky sometimes! Especially at the rate you are going! WoW!

  10. Since I'm commenting on Thursday, I'm not violating any wordless Wednesday rules. Thank goodness, I hate to be a nuisance. Writing is supposed to be fun Nessa! Quit fussing about word count and just let that brillian mind have a party on your page.

  11. Sorry, couldn't comment yeaterday. I didn't want see you ignoring me.

    Great job on the writing! Keep going!

  12. First of all, I commented all over the place, including here last night, and they all disappeared. Something else to make me cranky.

    Jenn: I’m better now. We have got to find a way to meet.

    PTB: Come to think of it, I do have a nice storehouse of info. I could use some spare cash; D

    Snavy: I can fake talk, too.

    Dan: Did you say something?

    Logo: T T T T O? Huh?

    Jay: Don’t rub it in, mister.

    Cindra: I shouldn’t skip my sleep. It’s not good for the Nessa.

    Kat: You wouldn’t be a nuisance. I’m just a weenie whiner.

    Quilly: I would never ignore you. Really.

  13. Why are you hinting to me about the need for cash? What do you know? Are you threatening me? Who told you?

  14. Nessa, you can't fool me, people only talk to you because they can tell you are listening and do care, and that you are a people person. I know because I'm one, too. People tell me their family secrets minutes after I meet them!

    P.S. but I respect you and am only talking to you now because it's Friday! :)

  15. PTB: Calm down, calm down. I was gonna blackmail the other guy. You gave me the idea.

    Jackie: Don't tell anyone I'm a people person. I keep trying to alienate them. I need ideas, but I guess not from you; D

    Mr. Fab: What's your point?

  16. You and I have so much in common, Nessa. Hell, you even said "grunt" in this post.

  17. sounds like the book is going great!
    won't say to much don't want to disturb you from your work.

    keep up the good work!

  18. Nessa, every day in every way...things are happening...what say next year?

  19. "Silence is golden" You are right, people talk mostly to hear their own opinions in the air. This offen allows each of us to hear our comments and to realize whether or not they are real in our given situation. Wordless Wednesday seems like a delightful idea. Not one that I could live by as I seem to have been vacinated with some injection that causes me to speak unless of course I have been derailed emotionally....then I write! lol Here's to silence, the true sound of inner peace!

  20. I'd like to point out that everyone here is party to a grand joke:

    Starting with GN, posting how she gets tired of how everyone talks to her in a public forum that invites comment.

    Then all of you for commenting to a post with the above content.

    Oh darn, I've just been had. Now I'm one of you. Well it's a good crew on this ship of fools.

  21. People do this to me as well. That's why I do the "talk and walk" where I continue talking to them while I walk away until eventually, we're too far apart to be considered socially visiting. try that sometime.

  22. Tina: So far the word count is going well. But when you write the same word over and over again, it's easy.

    Jenn: I'd like to make the effort.

    Pauline: While I can talk alot, I can also go ages without saying a word. I do like it when it is quiet.

    Tom: If we couldn't laugh at ourselves, we'd miss lots of funny jokes.

    Guggs: I'd do that except I usually get caught in my office and the windows do not open.

  23. I'll take that wordless Wednesday vow. I might be a bit of a hermit myself as a perfect day would be for me to be home with no interruptions - nobody there with me. Enough said. Am I seeming anti-social?

    So are you looking over my right shoulder when you visit my blog? I'll be watching that eye contact thing.