Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Vote for Peace

I vote for peace. I vote for listening to the other person before I speak. I vote trying to see things from the other person's point of view. I vote for counting to ten before I react.

If you are interested in giving peace a chance, check out Path to Peace. It won't hurt to look, maybe comment, possiblly vote.

Since I believe all things begin at home and one person can make a difference, I will actively support peace today. I pledge the following:

I will not call anyone an asshole today, even the drivers who cut me off or drive up my butt as I drive to work today.

I will not snip at my husband. I will consciously remember that he is a good man and let him know.

I will hug my daughter and refrain from telling her what to do.

I will not make snarky comments at work, I will listen to the opinions of others and validate their points of view.

I can do these things, really I can, at least for one day. What can you do for peace?

Total words needed to stay on track: 10,002 Total word count so far: 10,177.


  1. peace would be nice, especially for all our children's sakes.

  2. Good going on the word count! I will be adding my prayers for peace today, and doing what I can to keep my little piece of life peaceful. I like your points to work on for today.

  3. Hey, I like this! Gandhi said "You must be the change you want to see in the world".

    Of course he was Gandhi, so he could get away with saying things like that. If I said that to my brother, he'd probably floor me.

  4. I'm for peace and voting today as well. The not swearing at stupid drivers is going to be a tough one.

  5. Will tomorrow's post inform of all all the things you said you would and wouldn't do?
    Since I don't have to drive today, no problem with people cutting me off...husband and I are about 6 hours apart, no problem there unless he calls on the phone with projects for me to do, I learned a long time ago I couldn't refrain from giving daughters advice, and I'm retired...so, your list works for me...I especially like the Peace link... wouldn't it be nice if there was Peace on Earth?

  6. Great list! My day is almost over and I can say I didn't argue with anyone at work like I usually do, I didn't call Princess' cat any nasty names, and I did tell a girl her very homely baby was beautiful (which made her happy).

  7. Nessa - If you know who to contact for the Path to Peace site, would you let them know that it will not accept comments from wordpress people? They would need to change their availability to "anyone".

  8. Bazza: It would be great to leave some peace behind. Like your photographs.

    Jackie: Thanks. I prayed, too. Maybe the vibes affected someone.

    Dan: I see you are from the peaceful state of Jersey, too. And I was born on Gandhi's BD (and Grocho Marx's.)

    Grunty: But if we can refrain from that, than I believe peace is truely possible.

    Swampwitch: I must inform you now as I sit in my comfy lounge chair in my comfy livingroom, that I was successful today. Woo, hoo. When that guy tailgated me on the way home today with his lights glaring in my eyes, I said to myself that he must be a sweet man who is excited about getting home to his loving wife and kids. Really, I did say that.

    Kat: Isn't nice to be able to spread joy and light wherever you go? I feel like Glenda, how about you? And I did pass your message on. I'm sure they will take care of it.

  9. I have just spent the evening jotting down exactly how long my lazy colleague is taking for toilet breaks, cigarette breaks and tea breaks.

    That bitch is going DOWN.

  10. I spent the majority of the day teaching two technologically challenged co-workers how to run the library's software. They're so challenged, they didn't understand when I told them that Netscape and Safari are both web browsers - that they basically do exactly the same thing (obviously, Safari does it way better).

    While I didn't specifically vote for peace today, I will say that not once did I get (externally) frustrated with them and loose my cool.

    Tomorrow, though, I'm sushing everyone who even steps foot in the library. Got to keep the balance, you know.

  11. Jay: Wait until after midnight, though, so it's the 8th and you can say you did your bit for the peace movement.

    PTB: No one said peace was easy, but you did your part. In all things, Zen.

    Kat: Path to Peace is fixed. You may now comment.

  12. I gave the suggestion to bring peace to those near you but i liked your concrete idias. Peace to you.

  13. I will think positively. I will not try to give scathing looks. I will give more smiles. I will be just a little bit more patient with my students. I will give myself a break.

  14. Nessa, you always bring a smile to my face and joy to my soul -- that's a great foundation for peace.

  15. Betty: You gave some great ideas, too. As someone who has a tendancy towards arguement and attack, I believe and can do more towards peace by controlling myself. So I try. Yesterday, I think I did good.

    Guggs: I like your ideas. Giving peace to ourselves is a good one.

    Quilly: You are so darn sweet. Thanks. I like you, too; D

  16. I am the guest blogger at Waking Ambrose today. Please stop by and take a peek.

  17. I can do all of that except be nice to my husband. Not after yesterday. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

  18. Quilly: I went there. Very nice. Everyone should go see.

    DCMM: I know it's very hard. But if you do all the others, you are doing alot.

  19. Yay, Nessa! Peace and love to you.