Thursday, November 02, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am announcing my participation in NaNoWriMo and that since I didn't write anything yesterday, I am already 1666.66666 words behind.


  1. good luck hope you find some inspiration today!

  2. I know you'll catch up - good luck with the writing. I'm not decisive enough to commit to anything! And I'm a little on the lazy side and a little on the selfish side - and that pretty much doesn't leave me any other 'sides'!

  3. Who cares how many words you write? Just choose them well, and be honest with them.

  4. Jackie: You are too funny. I have those sides plus the procrastination side, which is why I am answering posts instead of actually writing (or working, since I am at work, shhhhhh.)

    PTB: Excellent buddist words of wisdom. Are you participating this year? Didn't I see in a previous post of yours that you did last year?

  5. Is that all?
    No problem!
    You can doooooo it,
    Go Nessa, go Nessa!

  6. Good luck, Nessa. You'll do well.

  7. Logo: Yipee! My own cheering section. I always wanted one.

    Grunty: Thanks. You are so wonderfully supportive.

  8. Wow! Ambition -- and I was proud of myslef for signing up to write a post every single day this month no matter what. You go, Girl!

  9. Good for you Nessa. My writing today will be confined to Christmas cars --- oh wonderful, to look through address book and reconnect with people I forgot.

  10. Nessa: No. I didn't participate last year or this year. These kinds of things aren't good for me - I end up focusing on the wrong things. I applaud you and the others for doing it though. I couldn't do it.

  11. Well, that explains some things. I put up my new challenge (another riddle) and Quilldancer is grading, you are writing a novel and I can hear crickets over at my blog. My two champions can't play! Well, it stays up until I get first through third, so it may be up for a while.

    Happy writing! I have a textbook deadline as I mentioned in my last post so I know what you are up against, at least in terms of every bit of time spent not writing....

  12. Oh, but take a break and vote for me over at Sar's. I"ma finalist in the caption contest! woohoo!

  13. Go, go, go! I did this two years ago and actually finished the book that had been living in my head for 10 years. Of course its still in edit... but it lives. See you in December!

  14. So many stories to write, so little time.
    So many books to read, so little time.
    So many blogs...keep on posting, I'll eventually catch up.

  15. Take a break and vote for ME at Sar's. Grrrr, drat that Tom!

  16. CECCG: I wrote and wrote and wrote. I’m off and running.

    DCMM: Keep checking on me to see if I’m still alive.

    Quilly: You should be proud of yourself. Dedication to a goal is always something to be proud of.

    Jenn: Oh, no, not Christmas card time already?

    PTB: I’m doing it to break my procrastination habits and to silence that evil internal editor.

    Tom: Oh, no, I’m missing one of your challenges. Keep them up, I’ll be back. And I did vote for you. I thought yours was the best, but don’t tell Quilly.

    Kat: How exciting. I’d love to be able to say I finished a book and it is in edit. Makes me feel tingly.

    Mr. Fab: God, you’re funny. Hear the metal clanking?

    Swampwitch: I’ll catch up, too.

    Quilly: I did vote for you. I thought yours was best, but don’t tell Tom.

    George: Hi and welcome to my space. I will be happy to just finish. Any quality would be an added bonus.

    Quilly: I finished today at 8,449, slightly ahead of schedule. Yipee!