Wednesday, March 15, 2006


We got the final contract for the sale today, read and signed it. The termite inspectio was done yesterday. The appraisal will be done tomorrow. We are waiting for the results of the title search and we have to schedule the home inspection. So, we are almost set.

I can't think of anything else to say because it's late and I've had 3 big glasses of wine. I really need to build up some tolerance.


  1. Congratulations on almost completing the long tedious process.

    By the way, BLOODY HELL. You've been holding out on me. I had NO idea you could paint so well! You really ought to put up more of your artwork!

  2. Wow. Have another wine on me. Cab Merlot cos that's my's kind of a whirl isn't it? Everything happening so quickly?


  3. Thanks, Jay, for both comments.

  4. I like Smoking Loon Merlot and Turning Leaf White Zinfandel (both California wines) depending on my mood. And of course, Bombay's Sapphire Gin (in the pretty blue bottle) and Tonic is always good.

    And it's good that things are going fast, so I don't have to think about it much until it's done. Talk about sticking ones' head in the sand.

  5. I will have a huge G & T tonight. We are almost all done with everything. Yipee!