Monday, March 13, 2006

House for Sale

We have a For Sale sign out front. That part was ok, until today.

The Realtor called me today. Two different couples want to see the house tomorrow. Now I have a headache. We had no idea we'd have interest so quickly. We're not ready. There are things we wanted to do first: paint all of the walls, new bathroom and kitchen floors, refinish the hardwoord floors. None of this will have been begun by tomorrow.

Boxes and bins form canyons in each room. The dog wears a confused look. He doesn't understand all of the chaos. Sleep evades us each night. The days drag by and yet bedtime comes quickly each day.



  1. Better that you have interested parties than not, I suppose. You can always treat these first two as 'trial runs' for future viewings.

  2. Jay's right.

    Don't sweat the small stuff about refinishing and what-not. Selling a house and moving are just about the most god-awful things you'll ever have to do. If they decide to buy and do it without all the improvements you want to make, then just count your lucky stars and get the h-e-l-l out.

    As Larry the Cable Guy says, "Get 'er done!", Vanessa. Good luck!

  3. You both are right. I am told that for many poeple the buying/selling process takes many months. We're doing it in one, and we are happy about that.

    It's just a bit overwhelming for two people who thought they'd never have anything.

    We do consider ourselves very lucky and thank God for our blessings. We are also proof that hard work and dumb luck can get you what you want if you have a well defined "want" list.

  4. I know you'll survive, just hang in there. Keeping those first viewings in your mind as a "test run" might help keep you sane -- plus if they buy it becomes this super bonus you can add to your blessing pile.

    Hang tough!

  5. Thanks, eddie. I'm trying, but I am a big whiney baby.