Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Red Roses & Yellow Ribbons

These Red Roses & Yellow Ribbons were done February 2005, in honor of some young soldiers my daughter knows that went to Iraq: watercolor on watercolor paper done in an Art Deco style.


  1. When you say, in honor of, what happened to them?

    Beautiful painting, btw. Poignant.

  2. Thanks, Jenn. I should have put that better. The painting was like a prayer for them to come home safe. They both were going on their second tour of duty. They both came back home safe. I can't say they are ok. You can see a difference in them.

  3. very good :)
    as for the guys, any trauma will manifest eventually, they'll just need some one to listen without questioning.

    i didnt notice these are all single posts (duh) my main comment is on the butterfly one :P :)

  4. Thanks, Sherry and Gwen.

    Yes, Gwen, they will need some very understanding people around them. I think they have some very good friends.

  5. What beautiful artwork! I love all of them. dragon looks like yhou could reach out and feel the texture on him and the butterfly looks like it's just resting and will fly away soon lol. Very nice!