Thursday, March 09, 2006

Moving On Up

I met with our lawyer today. We're doing a private purchase, so no realtors are involved. Everything is moving along. We should settle by the 31st of March.

We must check for termites, structural damage and a clear title, then we'll be good to go.

Now, I can't wait. We've already begun packing and discussing what will go where, who gets which room, the changes we'll make. I am being cautious with my enthusiasm so the fate fairy doesn't smite me in the ass for wanting it too much.

The weather was gorgeous here today. A spring day. Lots of sunshine, about 50 degrees.

I was almost hit 5 times times in my travels today. Going to work, to the lawyers, back from the lawyers (twice) and on the way home. People pulling out in front of me like I wasn't there.

I'm pooped-ed tonight so I'll stop for now. I'm going to watch my new HP & The Goblet of Fire DVD now. I'm an HP geek.


  1. You too? I am or rather was a HP geek. The latest book was too sad. After I cried for two days, I gave it away to a little girl (with her mother's permission of course) and resolved never to re-read it again.

    Of course, I have to read the seventh though...when do you think it's coming out? :)

  2. Book 6 was my least favorite of all of the books. I cried when Harry gave up Ginny. I cried when Snape killed Dumbledore, even though I was fairly sure that was the way it would go. I think Goblet of Fire is the one I liked best.

    I think Book 7 will be out in 2008.

    When my daughter went to Colorado last March, I spent the month on chatrooms. Now there were big fans!

  3. I always thought people had to plan and save for years before buying a house, not stumble upon one and decide to snap it up. -sigh-

    At the rate I'm going I'll be renting privately till it's time to live in an old folks' home.puorsyp

  4. Here's what you do, Jay:

    Get a black castiron pot, fill it with rain water collected during a fullmoon and put over a flaming fire (gas stove is ok.)

    Then you put bits of the seller and banker in the pot (hair pulled out when they are looking away from you, toenail bits they've left laying around, used tissues, anything along these lines.)

    Add frogs legs, snail intestines, canary earlobes, mountain oysters and a pinch of sea salt.

    Stew for 13 hours, strain and drink the liquid while turning counterclockwise 7 times.

    This won't actually get you a house, but it will help hallucinate into thinking anything's possible, if you just say, "What the hell, let's give it a shot."