Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thanks for all the fish!

I saw the movie The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Not up to the standards of the book, so I started re-reading the books. Douglas Adams is just so blaise about human beings.

Thanks to all of you who miss me. You are all so sweet.

I was sick with a cold, then I was better, then I was sick with the flu and then I was much better, then my husband came home to say he wanted to move. Now, this would have been ok if it was just him (much less work for me) but he meant he wanted all of us to move. He found a house for sale that he really wanted, at a really good price. I had not been prepared to move or buy another house.

We currently live in what we lovingly refer to as a double wide (for my non-American friends, that's two house trailers stuck together.) We have a real house, but it's small. Three grown people and a dog are cramped. And we have alot of stuff, or had. One of the things I have been doing is going through boxes I never went through when we moved here 5 years ago. Vince brings a box from the basement, yells at me for being a packrat, ducks when I chuck a heavy object at him and carries out the junk I finally feel I can part with.

I have also sorted 10 years of papers and shredded them in my lovely new shredder. The recycle center has worked overtime in the last two weeks.

The finances are adjusted, the agreement made and the motgage company called. As long as the new house doesn't have termites and the bank's appraiser doesn't find any problems, we should be the owners of two houses by the end of the month. I know, you should sell one before you get the next one, but why do things the easy way? This way is so much better to have a nervous breakdown.

The new house has a gorgeous new big kitchen with a dishwasher (yes, I still wash dishes by hand.) A full basement with bar and pooltable and a huge bar in the backyard with a pool. Can you guess why Vince wants the house? Even my daugther and her boyfriend like the house, so that was the clincher.

Things are moving along, and relatively organized, packing has begun and I have made my 17 lists. Now, I can get back to doing the things I have put off for the last couple of weeks: reading my favorite bloggers (I'm going through withdrawls) and keeping my blogs up-to-date. Oh, and I will actually have enough room for a desk, even a whole room, of my own where I can happily blog my life away. No more TV tray office.

I'm off to read what I missed. Talk to you later.


  1. 'allo! this blogging this is pretty amazing u know. it's actually educational. had no clue what a double wide was & after your quick explanation i went & googled it. like i said, it's pretty educational!

    so anyway, congrats on the new home. you sound thrilled with all the space you're going to have, so that's great.

    good luck! may you have the best of times in your new home. :-)

  2. Welcome back, sweetie! Your new home sounds lovely. It will be well worth the nervous breakdown, to have your own office and be able to blog your life away.

    Yay for bloggers everywhere!

  3. Yes, pink, there are such fascinating things to learn in blog-o-shere. Plus I am amazed at what we all have in common, being from so varied backgrounds.

    Jenn, I am glad to be back. I missed you all.

    Thank-you both for your good wishes.

  4. hi vanessa
    me too had disappeared into loads of activity and coincidentally am back at the same time
    and hurrah on the new home
    i come from a traditional indian business family and belive it or not have never ever moved home- so to me its so romanticised- chucking the old embracing the new :)

  5. Ooo yays - new house - a new basement / attic to keep stuff in!
    hehe - im just as bad - it takes me forever to chuck out old stuff
    glad youre finnaly better :) - i have many posts in pipeline, but much work (and birthday :D) to keep me away from it :(
    oh well :) - you'll see :)


  6. lemon: I have moved so often I can't remeber some of them. I have no concept of what it's like to know all of the same people your whole life.

    crazy: I'll be happy to be a distraction. I can't stand doing what I'm supposed to do either. Your photos are beautiful.