Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday Five - Running Around in Circles


I wear five rings when I go somewhere. 
I don't wear them all of the time because 
they are too irritating when I'm trying to do things. 
I don't understand how people play 
instruments or knit or draw when 
their fingers are full of heavy metal.

This is how I wear them on my left "Thing" hand.

The right only gets one.

1. Gold Xs and crystal Os.

2. A spinner ring, "KEEP FUCKING GOING"

3. Silver sleeve ring with crystals.

4. "Dream"


The really expensive stuff is locked up.

I lose things.


  1. I adore your rings. All that glitter.

  2. I had to explain to Charley that I only wanted a plain gold wedding band. I don’t want to worry I’ll lose a stone or a finger.

  3. I always wanted to wear a bunch of rings. But somehow I feel foolish when I try.