Friday, February 03, 2023

Friday Five - Five Cool New Words


New to me, anyway. 

They send me a new word each day in my email. 

They also help me find the word stuck in my brain 
when my dysnomia acts up. 
Ironically, dysnomia is not a word in their database. 

Their Thesaurus is quite handy, too.

1. strigiform - adj. - of or pertaining to owls

2. welkin - noun - the sky

3. smaragdine - adj - emerald-green in color

4. pandiculation - noun - the act of stretching upon waking

5. mansuetude - noun - gentleness

Bonus Word - retcon - verb - to later revise an established element 
of a fictional story 
(like when Star Trek has an alternate timeline?)
A syllabic abbreviation for retroactivity continuity, 
like fro-yo, sitcom, and hazmat.

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