Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday Five - Fancy Writing Implements

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I love anything to do with writing. 
Here we have some pen and ink-related items.

1. This is an oriental-style ink and brush set. 
I have no idea where or how I got this. 
You grind up dry ink, mix it with water and write with the brushes.

2. Made of glass and given to me as gifts. 
The green pen and pot were custom-made for me.
They are only to look at, so don't touch them.

3. Not technically quill pens
as the hawk and black feathers have 
pens and nibs attached to them.
I found the white feather. 
It is not trimmed into a quill, but it could be.

4. Ink wells I found in second-hand shops.
They are only for looking, too.
I have no idea how old they may be.

5. My grandson gave me the sparkly pen for Christmas 2022.
He made the "splash" pen holder on his 3D printer in January 2023.

These are only for visual appreciation also. 
Let's just say they are all no-touchy.

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