Monday, February 20, 2023

Februa's Festival, Illuminated


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"Illuminated F", watercolor & black Sharpie on 
Strathmore watercolor cold press, 20230217

I'm calling this experiment finished.

I had one sheet of wood pulp watercolor paper left so I gave myself permission to go crazy with color and this certainly has a look of chaotic pigment which makes me uncomfortable. I suppose I should explore why that is. I suspect it has something to do with my penchant for hiding. I prefer working in black and white.

I used Prang OVL-16H watercolors. They are really pretty for a $10 set of paints. If you want to play, you can't beat these for a starter set.

Enough psyco-babble.

Things learned:

Background is too busy for letter illumination.

Use a smooth paper if you want smooth inked lines.

Use 100% cotton paper because you use a lot of water.

Patience, Grasshopper. Patience. Lots of waiting for the paint to dry.

Here's the poem I wrote that is featured in the bands on the painting.

Februa's Festival

as long as February frightens away feelings forlorn, fragmented, and faithless, this faery song fades like failure on failure. 

fancy me a fool, fate defied upon Fortune’s Wheel, turning, fumbling, frustrated from all that is found and forfeit as first love. 

Friendship, Freedom, Forgotten Books, and Forget-Me-Nots, florets flourishing on flood-tides where father and child fish, fishing, fished all flushed and fevered finds, forced fervor feeding the falcons and doves flying amongst fireflies in Fairyland. 

foreshadowed in fresh flesh frozen in fifty shades of faint fuschia, fallen petals, fallen fame, fingers in the belly. 

Fly, just not yet, fickle Fortuna. 

Februa fire fans the footsteps of angels, a funeral pyre of false prophets fleeing the phantom’s finale.

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