Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday's Third Degree

Do the personal lives of famous people detract from their work?

Yesterday, I mentioned that one of my favorite authors, Anne Perry, at 15, along with her best friend, killed her best friend's mother. While putting together yesterday's list, I discovered the author of another of my favorite books, Marion Zimmer Bradley, was accused of serious abuse by her daughter.

I've known about the Anne Perry story for 20 years since watching Peter Jackson's movie Heavenly Creatures.

Writers' personal lives don't stop me from reading their books. It makes them more fascinating to me. But I can't know anything about the lives of actors. If an actor does something I don't like then I can never watch any of their work. I can't stand Tom Cruise, not that I cared much for him to begin with, but once he jumped on the couch, it was all over. I used to love Brad Pitt until he cheated on Jennifer Aniston. Now, he doesn't look as good to me. This may have something to do with me not ever being much of a groupie.

Musicians can do whatever they want, but I'm quite judgmental of artists, like Picasso and the way he treated the women in his life.

But really, I don't care about an artist's personal life in most cases, so I usually don't know much about them. That way their work can stand alone. We all know artists are nuts and they deserve some latitude.

What do you think?

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