Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun for Friday

amusing alphabetical alliteration
because being boisterous
clearly causes crazy childish
drivel, drooling, daffy
expressions emitted even
for fish-faced
grownups, grumps, girls, guys
having hideous hours
in inflexible insincere
jobs, juke-joint jerks / janitors
kitchen, kennel, keyboard, kiln
laughs linger long, late, lasting
more minutes, mindful moments
not numb needless 
or oppressive ordinary
pathetic pastimes performing
quietly quixotic quarries
random ruminations running round
seeming senseless sounds
tongues tripping too times two to
unleash unicorns up under 
veil, visor, voluminous
white, windblown wigs with
Xanadu xenophobia 
yearning yet yellow 
zany zombie zeros 


  1. hahaha....that T line nearly got me...smiles...this was fun...luckily it is my day no zombies in overbearing jobs

  2. I am in desperate need of some crazy, childish drivel. :-)