Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thirsty Thursday - green tea

I've never been fond of hot drinks. 
I only drink two cups of black coffee
each morning for the caffeine kick.

I like my beverages full of ice and ice cold. 
My favorite (non-alcoholic beverage)
is water, packed with frozen cubes.

Tea never really did much for me, either.
We didn't drink iced tea growing up.
Green tea is different, though.

Mild flavor, healthy bits called flavonoids.
Add some honey and lemon juice.
A nice change a taste.
Good for your waist.

~ click images to make biggerer ~

Eight cups of water and eight tea bags in a glass pitcher 
(glass pitchers are romantic.)

The recycled jug I will really use
(I'm a klutz and plastic is safer.)

Cover so you don't get any unwanted flavors.
Refrigerate for eight hours.

Remove the tea bags.

Put them in a plastic bag,
refrigerate. For your eyes.

Add lemon and honey.

Drink your green tea in a green glass.

My Recipe

8 c water
8 green tea bags
8 oz (1 c) lemon juice
8 oz (1 c) honey
8 hours

1 teabag per cup of water
1/8 cup (1oz) lemon juice per cup of water
1/8 cup (1oz) honey per cup of water


  1. nice...i grew up on sweet tea....i def enjoy green tea...but i love my coffee...i would drink it any time of day...ha

  2. I have to drink decaffeinated tea, and use Stevia for sweetener. Believe it or not, the caffeine raises not only my blood pressure, but my blood sugar. Egads, I'm a mess!