Monday, July 07, 2014


I found you hiding out in the open,
peeking around petals,
ducking bees and butterflies.

Your ancient magic flutters,
misting through the bricks,
protecting hearth and home.

Shoes all tidy.
Clothes clean and folded.
Nuts cracked and shelled.
Dishes a-sparkle.

Done for the day.
Dusk brings completion.
Downtime for dwarfs.

I imagine you smoking a long pipe
when you aren't toiling 
at my care.

Red cap tilted at a rakish angle,
kerchief loosened,
buttons popped,
frothy ale to hand,
decorating your mustache,
coaxing a satisfied sigh.


  1. oh i imagine he finds a shade tree and puffs that pipe when all the work is done...and i bet he has a story or two to tell...smiles...

  2. Great imagery....and I agree with Brian that he surely has some stories to tell.

  3. In all the unseen places the most extraordinary of things. :)