Monday, June 30, 2014


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ASCHENPUTTEL (c) 1965 by Der Kinderbuchverlag Berlin

This book is THE favorite from my childhood. 
Looking through the pages, I can see why I like to read and write fantasy. 

Look, all of the elements are there: bats, rats and black cats.
And since it's the Grimm version of Cinderella, it's not sanitized.

It's written in German. Here's the English translation.

I didn't get my image of a prince from here, though. 
This guy would never do it for me, except for the hair. I like the hair.

You can still buy this book for 9,95 euros or 13.58 US.


  1. wow...what a cool old book...would def be a treasure...and i am intrigued...a grimm version of to read the english version...

  2. I love it! From the year I was born. That was a good year for books and strange oddities that have never quite fit in!

  3. The hair is great. I've always been a fan of guys with longer, shaggy hair.