Friday, June 06, 2014

Celebrity "Hall Pass" List

Which celebrities would make it onto your "Hall Pass" list?
These are my top ten for today (they are subject to change depending on my mood):
You'll notice I have a "type."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Picture
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Chris Hemsworth Picture
Chris Hemsworth

Hugh Laurie Picture
Hugh Laurie

Gerard Butler Picture
Gerard Butler

Matt Bomer Picture
Matt Bomer

Jason Momoa Picture
Jason Momoa

Jason Statham Picture
Jason Statham

Nathan Fillion Picture
Nathan Fillion

Christian Bale Picture
Christian Bale

Sean Bean Picture
Sean Bean

Bonus: any man in a kilt

Hugh Jackman


  1. ha. i totally need a kilt. my college was the highlanders and we had the highland games every year....still, i need a kilt