Friday, June 13, 2014


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there's a slightly greater chance 
that the 13th will occur on a Friday 
rather than any of the other six days of the week

i couldn't see the full moon because the sky was cloudy

the full moon occurred at 12:11 a.m. EDT, exactly

this was the strawberry moon
so called because of the brief
strawberry picking time

13 is a baker's dozen because
baker's used to cheat their customers
with light loaves of bread
a 13th loaf kept them out of jail

12 is a divine number
13 transgresses this completeness

if 13 people sit down at a table, one will die

in a Tarot deck, XIII is the Death card

13 is my lucky number


  1. ha. did not realize that about the 13th loaf...
    13 never bothered me...
    though i do like the moon...

  2. I like the number 13. I actually also like the number 666, another "bad" number. Add the three sixes and you get 18, which is the Hebrew number of life.
    666 tends to show up when there's something I need to address or a change I need to make in my life.