Monday, June 10, 2013

Poetry Share - Madness

clarity seems such
swan diving flights of fancy
muddy ears mouth nose


hormones moaning through your veins 
flashing scenes of feverish misunderstanding
in your brain gunking up the works 
making you the loneliest most pitiful person
that ever walked the face of the earth 
a breath of stagnant air scratching along 
your rage raw throat with spasms of
projectile bile fighting to exit a down 
blocked passage that hides jagged tears
screams sobs pain open wounds emptiness
nothing a void soul devoid eyes on the back
of your head fists shoved in ears to stop 
the sound of silence howls like whirlwind 
spiders crawling on the underside of your skin 
curled into a dark corner to be no more


  1. yikes....dang...kinda glad guys dont go to go through that...we just have midlife crisis and buy motorcycles and get can keep the spiders...

  2. Oh wow! This is fantastic =) My mom actually loves menopause because her periods were so bad that she would need blood transfusions and was so anemic she couldn't move, she actually had a hysterectomy because nothing would stop them. I am on birth control and it works to stop mine, I have problems as well

    "breath of stagnant air scratching along
    your rage raw throat" loved it! Fabulous haiku and poem!

    1. I was ok while on the pill. Once off, my hormones began have a field day with my emotions.

  3. I can relate to this 'premenstrual' rage - menopause, for me, was a welcome peaceful breeze!
    Anna :o]