Friday, June 07, 2013

DADAism at dVerse ~ Poets Pub

Extra Summer Memory

Airports & car parks, new faces,

are these the features of insurance from talk?

The top dilemma, charge verbal dodgers: Rock’n’Roll is

involved & expand s together with Good-time vegetables

[are mushrooms a vegetable?]

to create easy Summer time gravity her own way @ home,

ever! free of the memory of un sound experience,

silk travelers that risk advantages to reach their goal?

Switch... Help the paper-white nuts, re covered,

imagine and save the puzzle of the extra parfaits.

The only magazine I had at home that I could bring myself to cut up was an AARP magazine. I made a few changes to the process:

I used the first noun of the first three articles in the table of contents as my title in the order printed. They are also three of my words.

Then, I chose one boldfaced word on each right side page to the end of the magazine. (As you see, some of the words are phrases just because I wanted them that way.) That gave me 40 words. These I randomly divided into groups. And of course, the little bits of magazine words made me think of an old-fashioned ransom note.


  1. rock n roll is involved expand & together...ha...i like that...charge verbal all might get charged for this the paper white nuts...ha....i like that you included your process as well...

  2. Thanks for sharing your process- I love hearing what people come up with. It's very creative. Great writing here, I like the image of the pasted words, you're right, very like a ransom-note.. I liked silk travelers that risk advantages to reach their goal? and liked how it was a question too. Great job! -Mike

  3. haha...very the topic and also how you cut and put the words can hang that on a wall..very cool

  4. I love your composition and silk passengers.

  5. Some fascinating phrases here. Much food for thought. Great response to a difficult post.

  6. You've gone to a lot of trouble. I love your account of it, and love your picture. And the poem's terrific. Oh my goodness yes, we must indeed imagine and save the puzzle of the extra parfaits !

  7. Love this - love the idea of Good-time vegetables!

    Anna :o]

  8. I love the irony of your source, your method, and oh, those Good-time vegetables! Rock on!
    Thank you.