Monday, June 24, 2013

Daily Prompts # 175

Journal Question

Do you have any pets?

Visual Prompt



  1. officially we have a cat...
    our other one died in decemeber...
    another new cat has been hanging out by the fence post the last 2 days...
    we have 7 deer that sleep in our backyard.
    we had a coon on the porch saturday.
    a groundhog was hiding under my car yesterday.
    only saw 2 snakes in the woodpile this weekend.
    and the possum has been gone for a weekend trip.

  2. We have a dog that pretty much rules the roost around here. Lot of rabbits under our deck and a fox that sometimes sleeps on the roof keep things interesting. The coyotes that sometimes show up in the field behind us are a bit frightening to me.

  3. I have a lot of gnomes...they're like pets but more obnoxious. As for the fingerpaint visual...I once let my work paint each finger nail for a charity bike ride I did. They made me take pose for a picture with the girly nails and then they proceeded to put the picture into a mock fashion magazine.

  4. None at the moment. I divested of pets to simplify my life and haven't yet felt the urge to change that.