Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday 13 – Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Weird

1. I made my first batch of mead on Sunday. Here are the instructions. It’s fermenting nicely. Homemade mead is 11 - 16 % alcohol. Each gallon cost $12.62 to make including the balloons.

2. My favorite flower is the spider mum.

Photo by Soumyendu Bag, Kolkata, West Bengal at India Shots.

3. I wear my wedding ring on my right hand. It feels most comfortable there. No one has ever noticed.

4. I never changed my name when I got married. My husband doesn’t care but his mother does.

5. I can't wait for Game of Thrones to start on HBO. I read the books so I hope I am not disappointed in the HBO show.

6. I can't wait for Camelot to start on starz. It looks really good, too.

7. I can't stand when people do fake cursing, like Sarah Palin. How is it better to say fudge instead of fuck if the intention is the same? Everyone knows what you mean so not only are you cursing which is supposedly against your beliefs but you are also trying to be purposely deceptive.

8. I quit a 2 pack a day smoking habit over 25 years ago but there are still days I would like to start again.

9. I started meditating again. It has really highlighted how busy my mind is. I am hardly ever in the moment. I spend most of my time in the future.

10. My guardian angel's name is Franc. He likes it spelled with a "c." He says it makes it seem European.

11. My reading glasses are clouded with fingerprints.

12. My favorite book of all time is The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley but I've never been able to read any of her other books.

13. I refuse to eat cooked celery, mushrooms and cabbage. I will eat them raw, though.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. I like #7. That's why I always just say "fuck", my kids would wonder what was wrong with me if I didn't.
    I also like your "leave your comment" comment.

  2. some biscuit! lol. does franc talk like dudley moore? oh wait its not dudley moore, fudge...what the help is his farking name...shick...oh well...i am such an apehole...

  3. Not weird....just an interesting an creative individual. I would love to get to know Franc better.

  4. I loved reading your answers. I liked number 11.

    I quit smoking in 1987. Best thing I ever did. I was a chain smoker.

    I googled mead. Very interesting.

    Have a great day.

  5. MIL's always need to be unhappy about something.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  6. I take a dose of cabbage every day. Must get round to meditation.
    Enjoyed your list.

  7. Wonderful, just wonderful! :o)

  8. One of my good friends in high school refused to eat cooked fruit. I could never understand why. Because she would not eat any form of pie or muffin with cooked fruit. I understand cabbage for sure. ;)

    Happy TT

  9. Great list! I fooled around with my married name. Mainly because I am in business and everyone knows me by my maiden name. So I still use it, use his, use it hyphenated, use it with initials. It's cool. I can be so mnay people and still be me!

  10. I don't wear a wedding ring at all any more. I've gone through too many of them. They can be so tight they turn my finger blue in the morning, and so loose they fly off my hand with the least little gesture by afternoon. I'm thinking of getting one tattooed on my finger.

  11. So what's your stand on Wolowitz's "what the frak?"

  12. #7 -- I totally agree!

    #8 -- I quit smoking on May 7th, 1996, but sometimes -- especially when I am reading something intense or suspenseful -- I catch my right hand feeling the coffee table and realize it is looking for my cigarettes. It's weird.

    Speaking of intensive reading, I just got my ARC of Ilona Andrew's Magic Slays>. It started out with a runaway ward, an out-of-control vamp, and a secretive, terrified client -- good stuff!

  13. My reading glasses are smudged too and I loved Mists of Avalon. I don't like "fudge" (so dorky) but "freakin" is okay with me.

  14. I'll eat raw but not cooked mushrooms, too.

    I don't like coyness about curse words. Say it or don't. I will say frickin', but that's a separate word to me. I loathe the expression "the F-word." In protest, I call it "the fuck-word."

  15. I cant wait for Game of Thrones either but I have not read the book. Mead? Interesting. I don't do this meme but have missed your posting for so long so I thought I would come by! =)

  16. I am quite fond of mead, but I think I will stick to the store bought :), as for the rest, we are not so different. (Although I have devoured everything that Marrion Zimmer Bradley ever read, but then, I am a little touched.)

  17. My father had a Victorian great aunt who agreed with you, except that she was too innocent to know what "fudge" stood for, so she only permitted that swear substitute.