Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Single Impression - passioante

Vincent Van Gogh’s severed ear
listens to the cry to arm
Holy Wars and unholy ones;
the warlock Charlie Sheen
with his winning tiger’s blood,
waking up in an unknown bed,
not waking up at all;
children without parents
doing their own thing, disconnect;
Freud’s ID lit up like a cigar
put out on a prisoner’s arm;
blowing up people for God
in the certainty of belief,
beyond all reason, come passion,
burning, all Hell’s broken loose
in the world of wanting, lust.

Write a poem on this week’s theme.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. oh snap! nessa this is wicked good...some fabulous word play...come passion....smiles...a cigar put out on the arm...tight!

  2. A blurry line between passion and metal illness.

  3. Nessa, I like your PASSION! You did a nice take on our word.
    Also your pi-ku's were clever. It was a neat idea leaving them with the OSI comments.
    Thanks too, for peeking in on mine.

  4. I cannot add to what's already been said except to maybe say that you have made a tremendous statement of tantamount importance in your choice of words for this prose. Standing O.

  5. That children's disconnect thing gets to me.

  6. Good fun, glad to see you back.
    I, by the way, am the living embodiment of the blurry line between genius and mental illness. Though I likely exude more of the latter than the former.

  7. "Blowing up people for God in the certainty of belief"....very powerful.

  8. Your words explode all over the page causing emotions to riot. Well done.

  9. Nice to see you back with a very "passionate" writing.;))

  10. Very impressive words. I second the comments above me. WOW!

  11. Whoa... heavy duty here!
    Mine's a lot different: