Wednesday, November 10, 2010



sunshine gold, flame red
leaves fall to nourish the earth
birthing rich black soil

0 - green butterfly

In the Moment

here I am in time
working out a rhyme
wishing for something sacred

ruing the mundane
making me insane
I should be thankful instead

there is such beauty
in daily duty
if I just take time to see

dishwater rainbows
fragrant dying rose
each small thing brings its own glee

0 - green butterfly

[This form was presented by Blogging with Amanda] 



wafting on the wind
skirring among stars
glances twinkling fine hairs
as if they really were watching
over the times
I should’ve died
yet lived
hearing voices
with diaphanous breath
like sheer lace curtains
of flickering light
wrapping warmly around me

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0 - green butterfly[2]

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  1. Beautiful poetry. I am tired to my toes tonight or I would play along.

  2. I liked it, it had a touch of melancholy but with a hint of optimism.;)
    Have a great day,

  3. Ahhhhh Bach. (It's a M*A*S*H* reference Ness)

  4. nice....loving hte verses...dishwater know there is much that is sacred in the every day...

  5. Wonderful poems, Nessa..My favorite is In The Moment, and yes "If I just take time to see". Fantastic!

  6. Fascinating to notice our word choices and the underlying sentiments. Recognize how you read the energy and emotions of word choices. From the moment you awaken, self-defeating habits no longer exist. Every choice is meaningful and empowers you to grow.

  7. beautiful and inspiring...lovely!

  8. Lovely verses of inspiration. Nice poems.

  9. Some beautiful little pieces you've got here. Some interesting images as well, I.E. "dishwater rainbows." Thanks for sharing with One Shot!

  10. The sacred in the ordinary
    well done
    beautiful tone

  11. I don't generally go for Haiku, but I like this one. Very earthy.

    Glee in dishwater - that could be a challenge.

  12. Looks like you've had a fun, productive writing session. Especially enjoyed the autumn haiku...a little bit like the one I posted.

  13. Great poems!! The fall leaves are waiting for me to mulch them in the flower beds for spring this weekend!!

  14. I enjoyed all of these, Nessa!

    (It's like getting an appetizer AND a dessert with your meal!)

    Nice One Shot, my friend!

  15. Beautiful poetry, Nessa. I especially like the one about the seraphim...makes one think about guardian angels!

  16. i LOVE the dishwater rainbows!!!

  17. Oooohh...each of these poems was a beauty!
    I absolutely LOVE "In the Moment"!! It's so true... beauty is all around us. All we need to do is look!
    "Dishwater rainbows" --- AWESOME!!! I can imagine all those prismatic colors on each bubble :)) Excellent imagery, Nino!!! Too good!

  18. oops... did I just type "Nino"? I have no idea where that came from!! My sincere apologies for that, Ness.. I guess this "NanoWriMo" thingie just got the better of me :)

  19. Love the line in seraphim... "glances twinkling fine hairs" Enjoying your poetry. cheers

  20. I like all of these--and especially "In the Moment"--very, very much.

  21. where do I start? Your prep Haiku is wonderful I wish spring were that much closer. The Allouette is Marvelous!Dish water rainbows what a great line to show others how to the beauty in simplicity. So what is next? You've conquered the Allouette on to something new you should try a Haibun they're super fun!

  22. Woho, what a literature delight! Wonderfully written. Have a great day :)

  23. "In the moment" really spoke to me. It is something I have been thinking about for the last few days and you articulated it perfectly.

  24. Dear Nessa

    Lovely haiku and the 'in the moment' great.
    But the one that touched me was Seraphim. Beautiful, specially the last line... thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  25. Like your poems, Nessa.
    The allouette is an interesting form. Yours is a cute little ditty that mixes mindless thoughts (??) and throws them in a basket.

    One of these weeks I will start 'writing' again.

  26. "sunshine gold" and "flame red"... nice! I wish the rich colours would stick around a while longer than they do. Great haiku, and love the rest too!