Thursday, November 11, 2010

13 Things I’d Like to Do But Probably Won’t

1. Make my own wine from snow pea pods or lavender.

2. Make a sun dial.

3. Make a bird bath.

4. Learn to throw knives.

5. Knit a sweater.

6. Design my own cloths.

7. Get my motorcycle license and a Harley.

8. Hire a personal assistant.

9. Sleep whenever I want for a whole week.

10. Get a piano.

11. Make snow angels in the nude.

12. Go one month without buying anything.

13. Learn belly dancing.

0 - green butterfly



  1. oooOOOooo ... Learning to throw knives sounds exciting! This sounds like a fun list. I might try this one. I did try to do the movie recasting one, but my brain went Tilt. lol I realized that I like to cast books I've read, but I don't think that would be as fun to read about on a blog, esp if no one else has read those books. lo

  2. Great list! I've knitted a sweater and made a bird bath,and this year for science we're building a sundial.

  3. What a great list, I love your imagination.;)) That belly dancing is something i would love to know how to do too.;)

  4. beware the belly dancing knife thrower making the sundial....just saying. smiles. wonderful list....

  5. I would love to sleep whenever I want ...24 hours would do! lol! And the personal assistant, if you find a good one can we share?

  6. Never say never darlin'
    Happy T13!

  7. I love your list. I hope you you make elderflower and dandelion wine as well. And FYI, if you could sleep for a week, you'd probably spring outta bed in a few hours and go on a rampage. Sedentary and you just don't seem to go together!

  8. Now that you have these things on your mind and written down I suspect you may make some of them come true.
    I just want to learn to play the piano I already have.

  9. Yay..fabulous list...i love the snow angel one..would be rather cold and adventurous ha ha!!
    Shine on!

    do it all...

  10. Belly dancing is awesome - go for it! How hard can it be to make snow angels in the nude? - Go for it! Live!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Food Temptress

  11. A brilliant list and no.1 sounds delicious ummm :o)

  12. Now that's my kind of list!

    Have a great day!

  13. really appreciate YOU -- thanks a lot!

  14. What a great post...I might have to steal your idea!

  15. Oh, Wow! I like your list. I've been there done that on several. They are all fun:
    1. Yes -- Brandy, by accident
    2. Yes -- Not a hard thing to do, I made a foot stool
    3. No -- Birds are dirty, they don't deserve a bath
    4. Yes -- Done this all my life, country boys learn how to throw a knife before they are allowed to have one.
    5. Yes -- Well, not a sweater but I have knitted
    6. Yes -- I even designed a back seat cushion for my motor scooter
    7. Yes -- Have a license, had a Vespa scooter and a Honda road bike
    8. Yes -- I married her
    9. Yes -- Oops, I thought you said 'where ever' -- whenever too when you are retired like me
    10. Yes -- Got two pianos -- the first one was flooded and ruined by Tropical Storm Claudette so had to get another
    11. Yes -- You would freeze your bippies off in the snow; better change your mind
    12. Yes -- Army life is like that, it makes you real poor
    13. Yes -- One of my college students was a belly dancer. So was her mom. They gave lessons so we could do it in a Mardi Gras parade in Galveston

    I didn't lie. And I didn't say that I did them real good or 'all the way'

    Have fun, sorry I bored you. This is a good list you have.
    Once more, I like it!

  16. Maybe you can do some of those. I would want to do most of them, except snow angels in the nude! Yikes - too cold!

  17. I once went ice skating in the nude. I want a scooter and a house cleaner.

  18. I do NOT want to make snow angels in the nude. I have danced nude in a snow storm. That's more than close enough.

  19. Interesting list. I might be convinced to try out some points with you. And, I just found out what a sun dial is. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. your list. It's so varied! I'd add have a cleaner. LOL.

  21. I agree with a comment already that you've released this list into the universe...I wouldn't be surprised if one or more came true. You only live once - enjoy what you can, when you can!


  22. If you aren't trying to get fancy, making a sundial is easy. Get a piece of paper....

  23. The sleeping one is the only one that remotely interest me. But there's a howl list of other things I might want to do but probably won't.

  24. I am such a sissy I will never want to make snow angels in the nude that is too damn cold!

  25. oooh belly dancing!
    i've been thinking about doing it.
    very popular these days, though giving its leadership to salsa.