Saturday, January 19, 2008

Murder for Hire: The Peruvian Pigeon - Book Tour

Day 3 - Interview
Visit Kat
Here is the tour schedule, the stops and the agendas. You’ll notice a couple old friends on the list along with the new and interesting places to visit.

Date: Sun, Jan 20th
Blog: Elysabeth’s Emerald City
Topic: Excerpt from MFH and author bio

Date: Mon, Jan 21st
Blog: Blog Book Tours
Topic: An interview with questions by Dani Greer

Date: Tue, Jan 22nd
Blog: Kat’s Random Thoughts
Topic: Interview with Dana -
Screenplay and Novel Writing

Date: Wed, Jan 23rd
Blog: The Chrysalis Stage
Topic: Is it Real or Memorex –
The pluses and minuses of using aspects of real life in fiction writing

Date: Thu, Jan 24th
Blog: Blaize Clement
Topic: The Truth Behind Emerald Cove

Date: Fri, Jan 25th
Blog: Pointless Drivel
Topic: How the desire to kill resulted in a published novel

Date: Sat, Jan 26th
Blog: Redzilla Attacks!
Topic: To Be Announced

Go to each of the tour stops and leave a comment within three days of Dana’s posts and increase your chances at winning a free copy of Murder for Hire. Dana is giving away three copies of her book to people who comment. The winners are randomly chosen from all of the people who comment.

Here is her WEBSITE.

Read my review of Murder for Hire at Nessa’s Reading Room.


  1. Cool! Can you explain a little more?

  2. This is gonna be fun. Then we'll get to tour Fab's book, then we'll do your book...mine will eventually get done...

  3. Doug: I think you're being facetious, but I can and will tell you more.

    Kat: This is good practice for us. I'm with you. Let's get each other published and famous. Sooner rather than later. You and I need to get moving. Can't let Mr. Fab beat us; D

  4. This is interesting. Thanks for informing us. Off to see the first on the list. (Couldn't believe it's January 20th already.)

  5. Yes, this is going to be fun - because when my children's geography series starts coming out - I definitely want to get some exposure and I think with the help of the book blog tour group I can do that - plus I'm hoping to be at a couple of book festivals and such - I know at Decatur I'd like to do a reading and have the kids guess which state they are in, using my maps and have little prizes and everything - so if any of you have ways of getting state related items, drop me a line - I was thinking either bookmarks about the state with state info like the symbols and stuff like that or postcards about the state overall - I need all 50 states and lots of each - drop me a line at my email addy and let me know - which can be found on my profile on my blog - E :)

  6. Maybe I should move on from the Classics in Crime? Only - I'm so old-fashioned when it comes to whodunits that I want a story I can throw my brain at, not a social study. I read other books for that.

    Thank you for a nice comment! Now, back to installing my new video-program.

  7. I don't blame you for thinking that of me, Nessa, but it was a flash of insanity. I think I get the basic idea, bloggers with books making one another aware of their work but I'd like to know more about the process.

  8. Shari: I know, January has gone by so fast. I'm so happy you're checking it out.

    Elysabeth: Your books on the 50 states sounds like a very fun way to learn US geography, which after spelling was my worst subject. I will be checking them out.

    Runee: I think you might find Dana's mystery challenging.

    Doug: Never take anything I say too seriously. I know you are a lovable puppy; D

    Are you interested in the tour process for promoting your own book? I'm new to this so I really don't know what's going on but I'm learning. I think if you go to the second stop on the tour, Blog Book Tours you might find some information. I think the gist is to use the internet to promote our published works. We're using blogs, email, and aol to communicate.

  9. This is interesting. I will check it out.

  10. Andrea: Follow the tour and comment the whole week to increase your chances to win a copy of the book. If you don't win, it's worth it to buy the book.

  11. Nessa -- how is it that you and Kat got involved with this? Did I read Kat correctly -- are you coming out with a published book?

  12. Quilly: I think we both "met" Dana through Mr. Fab and she asked us to participate.

    It is my intention to send my first book out this year. I plan on having it ready by the end of February.

  13. Blog Book tours, you are a very busy person, Nessa. I will come back and take a peek.

  14. Well thanks for the invitation. I will look in on yours and Kat's stops but that's all I have time for. I 'm not writing a book. Good luck on yours.

  15. A neat idea: kind of a readers' round robin of visits spread out amongst the days. Saves gas too!

  16. Great stuff! Hey hopefully I might go on one of them tour things... in about the year 2540 when my BLOODY MEMOIRS ARE FINALLY FINISHED!!!

    I wish you all the best with it "all"... y'know the future & all

    & many thanks for your comment at mine...

    hey how d'you like my new harvest mouse AVATAR?~???!???


  17. MJD: Great. I think you will like Dana's article. I've already had a peak; )

    Dr. John: I'm glad you will come back to see. It's not just for peopel with books to sell. It's mostly for readers.

    Goatman: Exactly. Gas is way too expensive to be running around the country. And for those of you snow bound, this is much easier.

    Gledwood: Be sure to let me know when your memoirs are ready; D And your mousey is cute.

    Sandra: Welcome and thank you.

  18. Hi! I tagged you on my blog :)

  19. Jadzia: Ok, I'll come see. Did you ever get your luggage back?