Monday, January 28, 2008

Daily Timed Writing - The Racetrack

I was a neophyte to the whole horse racing world. People of every shape and description filled the casino on Saturday afternoon. Old men with wrinkled dark faces and fat stogies lodge between their teeth rubbed elbows with husband and wife teams dressed in their Sunday best and young parents with children in tow. The variety of humans made an indelible impression upon me as I walked around the smoke filled building absorbing sounds and colors and smells.The caterwauling of a child unhappy with her location mixed with the hoarse cheers and curses of habitual betters. Beautiful horse flesh contrasted with the pale and thin bodies of people wasting themselves and their money.

I bet $5 on the number three horse in the fifth race at Philadelphia Park and I won. The horse's name: Magic Mischief. (Doesn't that sound cool?)

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  1. I like that name Magic Mischief! Congratulations on your winning. You are a good writer and I really enjoyed this post.

  2. I enjoyed this very much. Made me think of my racetrack days inside of Irish pubs. I had no idea an no interest, so when someone said, "San, what d'ya think?" I'd say, "The pink jersey." Never won a penny.

    Like Dot, I think you're a great writer. I'm glad you won.

  3. Hoarse cries of the horse betters, of course, of course. Mr. Ed couldn't have said it better.

  4. When I go, I only bet based on names or the way the horse looks. I love watching the old men who are watching the replays of a previous race. They stand there, still clutching their loosing tickets and cheer on their favorite even though the race is over and their horse lost. It is kind of sad. Great post.

  5. I used to attend the horse races in Charles Town (W.Va) with my Italian uncle. Your post reminded me of the crowds and his never ending offer of "pizza pie."

  6. Oh sure, people study every nuanse of the horses and make their bet and lose. You pick one with an interesting name and win...kind of like the stock market.

  7. Tell me more about this timed writing. I loved the post and am intrigued...

  8. I felt as if I was there with you .. I am so pleased that you won... what will you buy with your winnings? ;-)

  9. Dot: Thanks. You’re very good for my ego.

    Sandy: That’s they way I won. But it won’t happen again. I’m keeping you around too. Thanks.

    Tom: I did like that line, too.

    GG: While fascinating, much of what I saw made me sad.

    Mizmel: It must be an Uncle thing. My great uncle first took me in Germany when I was about seven. Also a fond memory.

    VE: I’m sorry; D

    Zhadi: Every day I write for 5 minutes, non-stop, no internal editor allow. Usually I’ll include random words that I must use but no rules. I’ve done Haiku, limericks, rhymes, prose and really wacky things. Whatever comes out. I find it a good exercise.

    Daryle: I didn’t mention the other races where I lost=(

  10. W00T! for your horse winnings! I would never win, because I would bet on the pretty horse.