Wednesday, August 24, 2016

under construction



  1. For some reason I keep thinking that ants might feel the traffic cone is a safe hiding place.
    Ants are stupid.
    The lighting on the third one down makes it look like an ominous building.

  2. If I drove by that blue three-wheeler would probably end up in my trunk. Last night on our walk, light by street light, we found a chest of drawers that would work good in the garage, to help me 'organize'. If Mrs. Jim would have taken me up on it we could have brought the rusty red coaster wagon in the car, loaded that chest, and she could have followed me home with the chest. She said no, I told her I couldn't get it loaded or reloaded by myself. Stalemate, it stayed. Didn't look today buy I'm sure it will be gone.