Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving MeMe

I looked around for a Thanksgiving MeMe and I didn’t like any of them exactly the way I found them, so I did some turkey style carving and loaded my plate with what I wanted.

1. Where?

My house. We switch each year between here and my brother’s house (he goes to his wife’s family every other year.)

2. What?

A traditionally roasted twenty pound turkey with savory bread stuffing in the bird and in a pan, heaps of mashed potatoes, buckets of gravy, Brussels sprouts with brown butter onions and toasted slivered almonds, white and yellow corn, Alice’s Carrot Salad, whole berry cranberry sauce and jellied cranberry sauce, mini sweet gherkins, baby kosher dills, black olives, green pimento stuffed olives and mild pepper rings, crescent rolls, apple pie and vanilla ice cream and pumpkin pie with whipped cream (pies supplied by my parents.)

3. Who? My mother and father, me and my husband, my aunt and uncle, my daughter, her husband and my grandson (I have turkey flavored formula for him) and my niece and her boyfriend.

4. When? Arrival is approximately 1 PM and dinner is at 3 PM (if I get the turkey in on time.) My parents and aunt and uncle will leave for home by seven, my daughter and her family will spend the night and my niece and her boyfriend will leave upon her whim.

5. How? The food will be set out as a buffet and then we will sit down together at one large table .

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  1. Very well done. How cool that your grandson is going to have turkey flavored formula. You are so nice to do that :) Mine will be up after midnight here :) MWAH!!!

  2. I may steal this meme -- and I have Tofurky flavored soda for my guests!

  3. Sounds like a most PERFECT day to me!!! Good food, family, love, and treasured memories.

    Have a blessed holiday!!

  4. We miss that. Now that we are old with no kids and our family and friends are dead or far off and my wife is bed-ridden and we can't go anywhere; one day is just like another, even holidays. We miss the people. Reminds me of a song like, Where have all the flowers gone?

  5. Have a wonderful holiday, Nessa :)

  6. I like your meme, Nessa. I am going to try to participate. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. You have a new comment box?
    Me Likey!!
    I'm having Thanksgiving at my house as well for these reasons!
    I set the time to eat.
    I get the best chair.
    I cook the best Turkey.
    I make the best stuffing...
    And I get ALL the left overs!

  8. LOL! Well, you did say you were going to include my carrot salad. :)

    They make turkey flavored formula? I had no idea.

  9. Ah, that sounds lovely, can I come.;))
    Celebrating Thanksgiving is such a lovely tradition that I miss dearly.;)
    Thank you for clarifying the blog move, I did think that your comment page suddenly looked so much more familiar.;)

  10. Turkey flavored formula, I love it!

  11. lovely!!

    have fun!!

    happy thanks giving..

  12. Sounds picture perfect! ROFL at turkey flavored formula! hehehe... I MAY do this one! Random Dozen is all Thanksgivish this week too though... we'll see!

  13. Your Thanksgiving sounds so much like mine.... lots of good food and family time. It is alot of work but I love it!!

  14. That sounds really good, Nessa.
    Can I bring my brood? Mrs. Jim will bring Southern pecan pie. I can bring my lap top if you have wireless.

  15. I bet you'll have an awesome time. All that food sounds yummy!

  16. You are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    much love

  17. Sounds perfect. This year we go to my son Peter's house. I expect to get in a good canasta game.

  18. You know how to do it. Your grandson is in good hands.

  19. We'll be at my parents' house again. Hopefully my mother will let my son help out--he's really a good cook, much better than his mom. My mother just had a bad fall coming out of the post office. She should just sit back as much as possible but in the kitchen she tends to take over.

  20. If you'd be so kind as to set one more place....

    Sounds wonderful. Have a great Thanksgiving. :)

  21. I enjoyed learning more about you Nessa! Hug the baby for me!

  22. Have a great day! Sounds busy and delicious. Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago so I will just have to imagine that I can smell turkey in the oven. ;-)

  23. We do a farm potluck. I'll be bringing the rutabagas. I'm thankful not to have to cook a whole meal.

  24. Happy thanksgiving!
    Have a great time all of you!

  25. how fun!!!

    blessing to you and yours..