Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday #7 – Say a Sunny Thank-You

20091122 1 - Say a Sunny Thank-You

(Sharpie ® on tracing paper)

And here, for your pleasure, is the silly poem:

Thank You, God,

for the great bounty of Your blessings:

enough clothes for multiple dressings,

luscious food that is much better than gruel,

a big comfy house warm with lots of fuel,

a family always ready to defend

and loyal, happy, silly friends,

a warm and loving spouse of a honey

and a job that gives me plenty of money,

a warm and gifted daughter child

and troubles small and very mild.

I have generally wonderful health

that is more important than excessive wealth.

I have been graced with many talents

and a joy in them that keeps me in balance.

You have helped me keep my loved ones close

and I know that's what matters most.

You helped me find this blogging universe

filled with people kind and diverse.

There's my cute Cody puppy

and I'm glad I was never a yuppie;

and lest You forget,

there's the Lear I haven't gotten yet

and for everything I forgot,

I thank You a whole lot.

20091122 2 - Say a Sunny Thank-You (close up)

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  1. Nessa,

    You're so talented. This reminded me of a daffodil, which is my favorite flower.

  2. it April already LOL. Welcome back to blogger. Nice poem my friend :) am I going to have to remember how to write poems :) LOL. Have a great Sunday *takes a huge swig of woo woo!!!! MWAH!!! Sure...i already have a typo in the word verification and have to do it a second time. I Love Blogger :)

  3. Lovely poem AND lovely art, all in one. You are multi-talented and greatly blessed. If you weren't also such a nice person, I'd be twice as jealous.

  4. Very interesting movie review. I wonder if my husband will agree with it.

  5. happy sunday nessa...lovely poem and art...

  6. YAY! I'm doing a happy dance! Do you see me...I am so happy that you are here on Blogger!

    I'd follow you anywhere but this makes it so much easier.

    much love

  7. You are so talented. I love each and every word. A lovely blessing to you and yours.

  8. Awwwww! I LOVE the poem ... and sunny art! May your comments here be ABUNDANT!!!

  9. Did you write this? It is beautiful, absolutely lovely sentiment and beautifully presented in the shape of a flower...
    Have you moved your blog, or am I just confused (?)...;)))
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  10. multi-media, multi-modal, order within chaos, complexity within simplicity --- I like!

  11. These are very nice. I love the mandala, and I really enjoyed the poem.

  12. Very nice poem. It's great to feel thankful, isn't it?

  13. that is such a nice poem!!! lovely take on the prompt..
    and such a nice picture..

    i very much enjoy your blog

  14. Hi Nessa, I do like your poem. It says a lot! I do hope I'm included in with your nice people.

    Your tile art (mandala??) should be titled "Twitter for Those Without Computers."

  15. Nessa, that's a fabulous poem. You've brought some sunshine into my day, all right.