Sunday, October 28, 2007

Things That Bug the Livin' Shit Out of Me

Acronyms - Just use the stupid words already and quit being all elitist.

Cell Phones - I'd rather breath second-hand smoke than listen to people's cell phone conversations.

Drugs - The human race will become extinct because we take drugs for everything instead of fixing the real problems or building immunity.

Celebrities - I just don't care about Brit or Paris or Mel or any of them. They are for entertainment purposes only. They are not friends or relatives. I already know enough nuts.

Whiners - OK, I go now.


  1. About the drugs, Big Pharma wants us to buy drugs so they can make people spend $400 plus a month on drugs.

    Acronyms-I don't mind them as long as they give me the full description the first time they use it in an article.

    One of my pet peeves are those return envelopes. "Please Put Postage Stamp Here" or "Post Office will not deliver without stamp". Are we soooo stupid we don't know where to put a stamp or to send a letter without a stamp? There. I feel better.

  2. You speak for so many of us! I just watched a mom walk her kid on a busy road with the cell plastered to her ear. She wasn't even watching. Multitasking is an evil sport, methinks! Bring on the second-hand smoke!

  3. Shari: Yeah, stupid instructions and warnings (this cup of hot coffee is hot) are also annoying.

    Sandy: Multi-tasking: bad, very bad. So, not Zen.

  4. Ditto for cell phone,celebrities,drugs AND whiners.You expressed exactly my views too.

  5. Acronyms - WTF
    Cell phones - used generally by people with a higher opinion of themselves than anyone else has.
    Drugs - The Verve got that one right
    Celebrities - people who light up sad people's lives
    Whiners - I'm one of those, I prefer red

  6. Acronyms -- what Bazza said.

    Cell phones -- around here folks who talk on their cell phones really want people to notice. They do so while in the fast lane on the freeway driving 30 mph!

    Drugs -- I rarely even take anything for a headache except a nap.

    Celebrities -- what you said. I don't want to know about their personal life. Leave them up there on the screen and out of mine!

    Whiners -- the only whining I can tollerate is my own -- and even then in very limited quanities.

  7. Cell phones are usually just wasting money: "Hi, I'm walking down the isle now. Wow. All kinds of neat stuff on the shelf. I'd love to buy this, but I spent all my money on the minutes to tell you about it."

  8. Ps: We shouldn't have to endure such abuse.

    B & W: Excellent responses. I like red and pink and white. I will toast you tonight. (Hey, that rhymes.)

    Quilly: Cell phones in public or on drivers' ears makes me wish for more invasive Government controls.

    T & I: A surcharge for inane conversations would be good.

  9. And don't forget those tail-gaters...Makes me wanna get out of my car and THWAP them one...or two...

    (I've decided to go with nothing but acronyms from now on...that's how I'm going to roll)

  11. The other day as my husband and I were leaving a restaurant, we saw a couple pull into the parking lot, both talking on cell phones. They got out of their car, both still talking on their cells, and continued to walk into the restaurant STILL ON THE PHONES! Amazing.

  12. Now's when I find out if tags bug the livin' shit out of you. I have one for you:

  13. Dabich: They make me wish I could spit tacks out of my tailpipe.


    TLP: I hope they weren't talking to eachother, although I've seen people do that with texting on their laptops as they sit next to eachother.

    Sandy: Depends on the tag. But since this has Halloween in it, we may be ok. I'll check it out.

  14. I hear you... it's the combination of little things that can irritate a person to death.

    Now what do you really LOVE?

  15. I like acronyms personally. D.A.R.E. is one of my favs. Why not take drugs? Because DARE-Drugs Are Really Expensive.

    Cellphones- modern day slave collar.

    Drugs- they help me understand celebrity

    Celebrities- gives me an excuse to do drugs

    Whiners- just a winner without the second n and with an h. AKA-I blog therefore I whine.

  16. Haha Nessa, I DID stop the other day, dead in front of a out of my car (after I put it in park) and yelled at him to GET THE **** OFF OF MY BUTT! lol. Then I got in my car and drove on down the road. He quit tailgating me, imagine that?

  17. How about pants? Don't you just hate pants?

  18. Maybe you need some hot cocoa and a nap.

  19. In the good old days when I was just a little kiddie and a newly minted cub reporter, they used to send me for IT functions (becos I didn't know jack about IT and I was new so it was OK not to know jack about anything). My learned colleagues would speak to each other in three-letter abbreviations while I sat around and looked puzzled, confused, inquiring, bright eyed, bushy tailed, bored.....

    So I get where you're coming from.

    As for Britney, Paris etc...I feel sorry for them. Every time I turn on the radio, I hear some bitchy deejay saying really mean things about them as if it were any of their business.

    Drugs...mostly allergic to them.

    Guess what Nessa? I want to join you in NanoMowhatever this year.

  20. We're more likely to become extinct because antibiotics create superbugs that wipe out the human race.

    What I don't get are acronyms that are actually more syllables than the words. Like pretty much any acronym with a W in it.

  21. Excellent Nessa! I'm with ya girlfriend.

  22. You can put "drivers who go 20 mph in a 45 with a double stripe center line so you can't legally pass the sons of bitches" gripe on that list for me, if you will.

  23. So u are ok with you cell phone convs? I hate the cell phone period. What is more annoying than talking on them things that dont really need to be talked about in the first place are the annoying ring tones!!! Have you heard some of them

    oh but I dont know about second hand smoke, I am a fan of the organ Lungs you know...Just have 2 of them!!lol

  24. Ditto on the cell phones.

    What really bugs me are those wimpy little paper clips. They are just too small for my fingers to get a hold off. I think we should rid the world of them. I throw every one of them out that comes my way.

    I'm done now.