Thursday, October 18, 2007


There once was a wacky black walnut.
To avoid a tree rat’s gullet,
he hardened his shell,
rolling away where he fell;
traveling faster than a speeding bullet.


  1. Unfortunately he rolled to close to my hammer and I and ended up in my banana bread.

  2. Betty: Just a little nuttiness to change the mood.

    Debs: Thanks. I needed a transition.

  3. The Little black Nut never reached the Rat's gut...(try repeating that quickly!) nice little verse Nessa. Thank you for your continued support!

  4. I have lots of those black walnuts in my yard...they sure do clutter up the grass :/

  5. I know not of walnuts and rats
    nor do i know of hats and cats
    But today I had to run
    To tell you that you won.
    The candles are of course yours
    Or what's behind one of the doors.
    So to the Fortress please stop by.
    And I'll leave poems to a better guy.

  6. Wacky Walnut? Now I'm interested to know what events transpired to earn him a "wacky" adjective? Was he really wacky or was he just nuts?

  7. Niall: I might say something naughty. Your art is fascinating.

    Dabich: I have to watch them when I walk The Codes or I may end up on my hienie.

    Dr. John: You're a poet and you know it. I'm a wiener again. Cool. I'll be there today.

  8. VE: Well, see, here's the story: Once upon a time there was this innocent little nut. He lived happily in his little nut tree, just kind of hanging there with the other nuts. He was content. But one day, out of the blue, a thought hit him. He thought there should be more to a nut's life than just sort of hanging there. He thought he should break out of his shell and share what he had within him. He thought a nut should see and been seen, kind of traversing the wider world, if you know what I mean. Well, all of the other nuts thought he was just plain nuts, but he knew differently. He knew he could be a contender. He sort of jiggled at his fellow nuts (he couldn't wave because nuts don't have hands of their own) and broke his attachment to his life long limb. He dropped into the lap of a sunbathing nudist name Harvey and thought he had found some long lost brothers.

  9. As a fellow nut, mixed no less, I can relate to this walnut's experience.

  10. Great story...I feel I can experience the weeken in peace now that I know the whole story!

  11. Grunty: We are all looking for where we belong.

    VE: I certainly wouldn't want to ruin your weekend.

  12. And then he landed in my backyard along with 40 brothers and sisters and sprouted into 40 little black walnut trees in the lawn.

  13. I liked your story (comment) to ve. Loved the personification. :)

    I always liked poetry. :)

    Made me think of the meatball song for some reason..."On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese. I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed....rolled out the door...." Sigh. I need to listen to adult music... :)

  14. MJD: Now you have a nutty forest all your own.

    Shari: I love anything that rhymes. Makes me giggly.

  15. Great little poem and blog to boot, I've enjoyed reading the comment also.. some very nice folks around this part.. I'll pop back soom if thats O.K.
    Thanks for commenting over on Wiggers World BTW.

  16. Andrea: Thanks.

    OWT: Thank you and by all means come back. Also visit of the commenters when you have a chance; they are all very interesting.

  17. What a quick mind you have! I enjoyed the extended version of the nut, too.

  18. Mizmell: On occasion, anyway. Thanks.