Monday, October 08, 2007


This week will be a bit off for me. While we were gone on our relaxing weekend, someone broke into our house.

Snoogs is fine. She did an excellenet job handling the situation. Cody is fine. He was alseep on our bed when Snoogs came home to find the window on the backdoor smashed in. The bathroom window upstairs was broken. Nothing was stolen.

Based on the time frame from when Snoogs left the house to go on an EMT call and when she got back a couple hours later, the way the house was broken into and nothing stolen, we are fairly sure who the culprit is and he has not been seen by anyone since Saturday night.

I consider us very lucky because as things go, the damage was minor. But we won't be sleeping too well for a while, so it will take some adjustments and cleaning up and repairs this week.

I hope to be back in the swing of things by the weekend.


  1. Oh, shit! What a horrible feeling to be violated like that. Take your time, friend. We'll be here when you get back. I'm so sorry after you finally got away for some R&R that you had to return to that. Hugs to you and all of yours...

  2. I know how your feeling. IT will be a long time before you feel secure about leaving your home -- or returning. I am glad everyone is safe and nothing of value is gone.

  3. That's just got to be creepy, and more so when you know who the asshole was (scuse my language).

    I hope you get resolution on this soon, for your own well-being. ~hugs~

  4. Well, I hope this character gets what's coming to him for doing that. Sorry you had to return from your mini-vacation to something like this.

    Take care.

  5. I suggest the "Home Alone" strategy for future protection. You know, glass and tacks below each window, flamer throwers that start if a door is opened, fake silouttes of people having a party; that sort of stuff.

  6. that be bastard must be caught! (sorry for the term..)

  7. OMG! So sorry that happened to you. It's never happened to me, but I've known two people that had this experience, and it was awful for them. (Only they did lose a lot of their things to the thief.)

    Hugs to you.

  8. nessa, I am so sorry to hear about that. It must be a horrible feeling. I remember once during winter a tile came lose from our roof and smashed the window. Sinc eit was dark, we didn't know it at teh time and thought someone was trying to break took a fe wmonth to shake that constantly-ready for attack feeling!

    Feel better soon!

  9. Well Nessa, that just sucks. I wonder why they broke in, if nothing was taken? I have my truck smashed in when I was away on vacation in June... they stole our camping kits and all our equipment. I was furious! Then, the punks came back a month later and broke into our cars again, tossing everything around and stealing my daughter's cd collection (over 50 of them). It really is frustrating. Repair and cleanup - I'm sorry for you, but I am happy nobody was hurt.

  10. Horrible. My solution for these people is not currently supported by the Constitution.

  11. Oh my goodness! How scary. Glad all involved are okay, but that is a terrible experience. Hopefully the person is caught.

    You didn't happen to find a Thing in your bushes, did you? A little levity to take your mind off of this experience. I couldn't help it as it tied in too well to my post.

    Really, take care.

  12. that truly sucks nessa. I have just got back from holiday as well and I can imagine that feeling you'd get when faced with a broken-in house.

    Hope it gets sorted soon for you.
    Bloody theiving bastards

  13. Oh Nessa, what a horrible thing to happen. And I don't know if it's better or worse to know who the culprit is.

    Hang in there girl.

  14. Discombobulated is a good word for it. I hope you get everything sorted out and fixed up and can get back to restful sleep soon.

  15. Hope you can get everything taken care of .. and get some rest!

  16. I know you feel terrible. I still remember the day I came to the church office and found the door kicked in. The computer and copy machine gone. I felt so violated. I hope you see the person brought to justice. We never did.

  17. Nessa, I am so sorry you had to deal with that. But of course I'm happy you're all safe. Best wishes to you getting back in the swing of things.

  18. Oh man, I know that has to be an awful feeling. Years ago I merely had the stero stolen out of my truck and I still felt pretty violated.

    Hang in there, my friend.

  19. Oh! This is terrible news. I hope you are managing to settle down to some sort of normality again.

    I only wish I had been there to thrash the seven bells out of the perpetrator!

    All the best,

    Lord Likely.

  20. Oh no, Nessa,

    There is nothing worse. I hope the repairs go quickly and that you're back in the swing of things.

    Take care

  21. I'm so sorry that happened to you!
    But be thankful, no one was hurt and nothing was stolen.

    you need a BIG dog...

  22. I am sorry to hear this, hope all goes well!

  23. Me once tried an insane experiment. Me didn't lock anything for a week(Except the doors to the school). Me didn't tell me wife about it.

    Amazing that nothing happened. Me slept and showered and went to work and didn't think about me possesions.

    Me likes where me lives now.

    Stay Stompy and get revenge iffin ya can.

  24. Cindra: It was a shock. Certainly not what we had planned.

    Quilly: A definite yucky feeling in the tummy area.

    Madame Wilde: You never think it would be someone you know, but it usually is.

    Shari: Not wishing the worst on him has been the hardest part.

    VE: Excellent ideas. We will start immediately.

    Reign: Someone will catch him, I’m sure.

    TLP: We were actually very lucky and we do remind ourselves of that.

    Minka: We are a little jumpy right now.

    Tsduff: I will post the story soon. I’m sorry for your incidents.

    Gawpy: Much of my energy has gone to keeping my husband from using the same solution. I keep telling him there’s no bail money. He has calmed down a bit.

    G: I will be by today to see what a Thing is.

    Betty: Kind of brings you down from a high quickly.

    Jenn: We haven’t decided either.

    Diesel: We are slowly getting back to normal.

    Katie: We did a lot of sleeping this weekend.

    Dr. John: We alternate between visions of cutting him to pieces and pity for him.

    Brooke: Our best laid plans…

    Mr. Fab: It was a shock to be sure.

    Your Lordship: Times like this we wish for the old days.

    David: The repairs were the easy part.

    Mizmell: Our dog was home at the time. Since they knew each other I’m not sure if the Codes kept him out or not.

    Kev: We are beginning to adjust.

    Scary: If someone wants in, they’ll get in. I don’t care about the things, but my daughter and dog were home alone. If anything had happened to either of them, there would be no place to hide from me or my husband.

  25. Oh how terrible!! if you know who it is...get retribution! (I'm not very nice at times. Especially when my space has been violated). Bless you!

  26. Dabich: If we could find him...if he had anything...

  27. The Phoenix: We need a posse.

  28. may i be part of the posse? i can pinch really good with my toes!!

  29. Crystal: Offer accepted. That would be a great punishment.