Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Say What? Wednesday

I dragged myself from my car. I repeated over and over again the mantra, “Just place one foot in front of the other for a few steps.”

I hoped a touch of nature would cure the bout of blues that inflicted misery on me and the people around me. I hated the dull fog that settled in my mind. I walked, barely lifting each foot to clear the ground. I raised my head.

The wind tingled through the new born leaves on the trees playing with the brilliant sunshine to create a natural lace of young green contrasted with deep shadows. The trunks stood out against a clear baby blue sky not even burdened with the fluffiest of clouds. Air, so clear and clean that birdsong flew around the park faster than the robins that vocalized the tunes, clarified the colors and cleansed the palate. Lily pads shaded bass, pike and perch that hid from herons that skipped across the surface of the pond, dragging their toes through the ripples and disturbing the ducks and geese resting in the water. The scene conjured an impressionist painting perfectly in focus and crisply drawn; the ideal bucolic setting to revive the senses and lift the hammer of depression pounding down on me.

The knots in my neck loosed themselves; the kinks and tangles smoothed out. I immersed myself in the peace of the afternoon until the fingernail screech of the man who whined and cried into his cell phone careened across the lake and slammed into my psyche. He destroyed my feeble grasp on sanity.

Note to self: Invent a bubble head spell that I can aim at people who talk within my hearing. Make the available air in the spherical space limited.

See my Wordless Wednesday picture at Wings Unfolding.


  1. God I know, it was beautiful today, wasn't it?

  2. Oh! You could make a fortune marketing that spell! Let me get my checkbook ....

  3. Mal: The last few days were heavenly. Now of course today it's stinking humid and hot.

    Quilly: I'll treat you for free. Here's to a cell phone conversation quiet world.

  4. yes, I have me one of those spells too. Talking about spells...only two more months until the last Harry Potter book comes out, we feel better now, don´t we?!

    Vingardium leviosa!
    *flicks wands*

    Many a lovely sky and bird song to you this week!

  5. It's like when someone talks to you when you're reading or listening to music. If it's important, fair enough, but just chit chat, SAVE IT.

  6. Congratulations on passing the test Ness, sorry I've been a stranger - and I hope you're feeling better.

    Pollyanna would say, look on the bright side and you could club her on the head and feel better about the world instantly.

  7. Excellent descriptions...and I want one a them bubbles, please! XO

  8. It would be cool if you could put helium in the bubble too.

  9. Those bubbles are in demand! Hope you're feeling better, really.

  10. (whispering with hands cupped at corners of mouth...) that was beautiful.

  11. Cell phones are everywhere but I don't need a bubble I am hard of hearing.

  12. I happen to have some extra eye of newt laying around. Maybe you could use some of that.

  13. You're going to teach me how to make that bubble spell, aren't you?

  14. Big hugs to you for being in a blue mood. Me too over the past couple of weeks. Any better my friend? Hugs.

  15. Yesterday was really nice. Today alternates between sunny and hail.

    No I didn't stutter. Hail.


  16. Sorry about your state of mind, but I hope you're on your way to pulling out of it.

  17. Could you share the spell?
    It may be just the trick!

  18. There should be "no cell phone zones" in any place that could even remotely be considered tranquil. Put me on the list for the spell.

  19. perhaps in lieu of a bubble, a bubble bath might allow you to soak those blues away? that, or a bb gun to scare 'em off, take your pick.

    okay -- at the moment, i'm just laughing at Diesel's "helium" comment. give me a minute and i'll come back and say something more, um, appropriate. ; ) xox

  20. "The scene conjured an impressionist painting perfectly in focus and crisply drawn"...so does your writing. I like to read a sentence and then imagine what you are describing. Very nice.

    Drats to the man on the cell phone...

  21. Glad you got out of the funk for awhile! Those 'bubbles' would be priceless, for sure! lol

  22. so... are you outta that bubble yet, or what? (just sayin'... it's been a few days since your last post...) ; ) xox

  23. Minka: Can’t wait for HP, both the new movie and the last book. I hope it’s worth all of my anxiety.

    Bazza: Why don’t people know not to talk to someone with a book in their hands?

    Jenn: I am feeling different, anyway. I wish you were around more. I miss you.

    Chikken: I could make a fortune if I could patent them. But I’d give them away. I like to spread the lovin’.

    Diesel: I love your helium idea. I wants some helium. Can you buy it or is it a controlled substance, too? Can’t be because you can buy a tank for parties. I love having conversations with myself.

    G: Thanks, I am feeling better.

    Phoenix: I could market them like the Pet Rocks. If anyone sees Bubbles on the market, remember it was my idea. I get a cut.

    Gawpo: Thanks. The day, the weather, Mother Nature was beautiful.

    Katie: Back at cha’.

    Dr. John: Another product that I want credit for: reverse hearing aids. Stick it in your ear and turn the volumne down. No one will know you are wearing it.

    Grunty: EON (sort of like EVOO) is definitely an ingredient.

    Mal: Absoluely. The recipe will be forth coming.

    Dan: Thank you. I noticed you were too. It made me so mad because it was so hard to enjoy nature’s glorious offerings.

    Pand0ra: Welcome. Don’t tell the Doomsday-ists. They’ll think the worst.

    Andy: You posted again. Glad to see you are still with us.

    Mizmeel: Hi. I will definitely share. Are all of the non-cellphone-interrupters blogging?

    Kat: Yes, like no smoking areas.

    Neva: Bubble bath, good. I hear guns get you arrested though. Someone we know on our old street did the police stand off thing about a month ago. SWAT hid around the corner of our old house, which is only two streets away from our new house. I was trying to find a picture but the news archives suck. Where was I? I need some helium.

    Gawilli: Thanks. We should go back to smoke signals, but not drums.

    Jackie: Now, I just feel cranky.

    Neva: Yesterday was another perfect day and I actually enjoyed my noon time interlude without interruption. So it was good. I'm trying to string a couple words together.