Monday, May 07, 2007

It's All About Nessa

I got this from Bazza; looked fun. You have eight things to put behind your name like “needs”, “is”, “wants.” You take your name and one of the them like “John is” and Google it. Put the results here.

1. Nessa “needs”…LOL @ Nessa...It's not cool that so many of us have crappy jobs. *giggles* Personally I think everyone with the name of Vanessa or Nessa needs to be crowned ...

2. Nessa “is”…Nessa is a versatile guitarist, composer and performing artist who merges elements of the past and present from classical, flamenco, jazz and funk to create ...

3. Nessa “likes”…♥Nessa. 0 Uploads 0 Articles 50 Likes 0 Comments. nessa hasn't uploaded anything yet! nessa hasn't written any articles yet!

4. Nessa “wamts”…Nessa hisses -- she's his mother, and knows what's best for him. "Mother, you sound jealous," he tells her, and Nessa wants to know where he got a silly ...
5. Nessa “gets”…Nessa gets a party and cries 'cause she wants to.

6. Nessa “says”…Nessa says:. i wish that were so. i have four broad topics: tecnology, the doctor's office, parties, and my daily routine and my prof is going to choose one ...

7. Nessa “does”…Nessa does! Love Craft

8. Nessa “eats”…"Ba 'nessa eats haht dawg and spa gettaaz"

Each of these was the first hit that came up.


  1. You are like, so way smart and more interesting than Google
    By the way, congrats on passing.
    You will be a fabulous H/R man.
    (snicker snicker)

  2. Hmmm -- none of those Nessa's are as ionteresting as you -- oh, please tell me none of those Nessa's were you! No, couldn't be. Especially the one without any likes or comments.

  3. i eat haht dawgs and spa gettaaz too!!!

  4. I wonder about the Craft thing.

  5. I have done this one. It is different in different places. Some take five things. Some take only one. But it is always interesting.

  6. I wish gawilli was a versatile guitarist. I will have to try this.

  7. Great hits! I'm not sure I'll take the time to try, but I am curious ... Oh yes, and congrats on passing the cert test!

    -- david

  8. You atleast got things that kind of made sense. I did this and got nonsense.

  9. Logo: Thanks. I AM THE MAN!

    Quilly: None of thems are me. Good spot, cause I have loads of likes and dislikes.

    Crystal: I luvs me some sketz.

    Egan: Shush, that’s a secret.

    Dr. John: I think Bazza saw it at your place originally. I didn’t know which name to look up, you know, multiple personalities and all.

    Gawilli: I know how to play a guitar but can’t play, if you know what I mean.

    David: Thanks. These are great when the brain is pooped.

    Kat: I’m surprised I got what I did. I didn’t think I would get anything.

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