Friday, February 16, 2007

New Eyes

I bought a Canon Power Shot S3 IS yesterday at lunch. I think I got a great deal at Best Buy: $400.00. So far I love it. It feels great in my hands and we all know how important that is . . . “wink, wink.”

I bought a 2 GB memory card, too, for $30.00. That sounded like a good buy also. The guy said it should hold 600 pictures.

I can do almost everything with one hand and I figured out all of the features without using the book. I will use the book to actually learn what they are for, but the camera seems very easy to use.

It has a viewfinder which makes me feel like I have a real camera, not one of these new fangled contraptions the youngsters are using.

It’s 6.2 mega pixels, 12x optical and 4x digital zoom, takes an hour of video with stereo sound, takes 2.4 frames per second, zooms, goes wide, has a flip up flash, a 2.5 inch flip out screen, and just flat out looks cool. I have been taking silly, useless pictures from two to six just because I could (93 actually, which is definitely better than the 18 I could take with my old camera.)

I tried to post last night but I upgraded McAfee and it looks completely different and it has Parental Controls so naturally it kept me, the parent, away from Blogger. Just this morning I figured out I had all Blogger sites on my Blocked List. Life moves way too fast for me; everything is always changing. I prefer ruts.

I finished my application for the HR Certification test and submitted it. Now I just have to see if I’m accepted. In the mean time, I have to start studying. The test is in May. I’m not too worried as I passed the sample test without studying, but everyone says the real test is not easy. Plus, I have an image to maintain: once you start getting 4.0’s, people seem to expect it all of the time. The pressure is crushing.

While many blocks have been placed in the road of my blogging life, I think I have developed a plan. I can read blogs at work, I just can’t read comments or leave comments or post. So, I will read at work, I’ll copy and email the comments to work, then I’ll type up answers and write posts at work, then email them home to quickly post at night, then go pay attention to my husband (who is really jealous of you all.) See what I’m willing to do for you.


  1. what one doesn´t do for one´s blog ey?
    I actually have now decided to post when I feel like and comment mainly on weekends. I go to some blogs every day, but I make the rounds on weekends, when I read the stuff, have coffee and comment!
    It works better and I feel less stressed about it :)

  2. Nessa your Canon sounds great....I forgot to take photos when we met...was having too much fun.
    I like your and Minka's solutions...I am also in a quandry, as I read 100's of blogs each day...many of them have so much eye candy and links so it can take for I am doing the same thing as I do for studio time, write it in my planner.

  3. I know someone who his going to be very envious when he reads this post!
    Hope you have great fun with your new toy nessa!

  4. Wifey, is as usual right. I am especially envious of the 12 x optical zoom, but that's probably a man thing.

  5. I want you to know that we appreciate what you do for us but please pay attention to your husband.

  6. The sacrifices we bloggers have to make for one another..Camera sounds great; look forward to some great pic's!

  7. Silly pictures are the best kind of pictures. :-)

    Yay for posting... and for paying attention to the husband. I am working on that balance myself.

  8. I feel appreciated. I really do:)

  9. Nessa, the pictures are great! I'm happy for you - and envious. I want a new camera! (Of course, I keep blaming the camera and we all know, it's probably me.)

  10. Minka: We are so selfless.

    Mo’a: I am going to be using your idea and scheduling my time for all to see, especially me.

    Tina: I’m having loads of fun, just snapping like crazy. It’s so easy to use.

    Bazza: Then I must have some extra testosterone floating around in me.

    Dr. John: OK, but I’m only listening to you because you are right.

    Pauline: Yes, we are the ultimate givers.

    DCMM: Silly pictures are why I need a camera that doesn’t use film.

    Grunty: Thank you. I am starting Grunt sketches this weekend (while I listen to your music for inspiration.)

    Jackie: I firmly believe the camera can compensate for all of my faults (even the ones that are not related to picture taking.)

  11. That IS a lot of work to keep blogging. Good for you--it's a noble effort!

    -- david

  12. David: Thanks. I do try to think of others.

  13. I too struggle with the whole balance of it all. I can't really blog blog much during the week, but I do try to catch up (as I really look forward to seeing what's up at everyone's place) on the weekends. Here's to balance.

  14. Nessa? Really? Your husband hates us? Wow. I mean just, wow!

  15. G: Weekends are good sometimes for catching up. But people have to stop having birthdays that I must attend; D

    Jenn: No, especially not you. He just thinks the internet is full of crazy people. Oh, maybe he's not wrong; D

  16. Nessa, people are so inconsiderate like that :)