Saturday, February 24, 2007

Get to Know Me . . . Aye to Zee

Tina tagged me about a week ago. Go see her. She tells very funny jokes. There's one there now with a fine rebuttal in the comments by her husband Bazza. Also, the ice in the river broke up.
Please go see the birthday card I made for my Sister-In-Law. She likes rabbits. The inside says, "We hope your birthdays stop multiplying like bunnies." Aren’t I sweet? My husband, QV, says that means we hope she dies, but that is NOT what I meant. Really it's not.

A- Available or Single? – Married from now until the end of all time (I think we may have been married in a previous life.)
B- Best Friend? – My husband and my daughter.
C- Cake or Pie? – Ice cream.
D- Drink of Choice? – Water (when staying sober) and Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic for lushiness.
E- Essential Item? – Anything to read.
F- Favorite Color? – The green of new leaves in spring.
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? – Worms in dirt.
H- Hometown? – In my heart. (Oh, no, gag me with a spoon)
I- Indulgence? – Days off from work spent at home.
J- January or February? - October
K- Kids and names? – One daughter named Snoogs
L- Life is incomplete without? - My family and reading and writing and art and crafts
M- Marriage Date? – 10/6/2001
N- Number of Siblings? – One brother
O- Oranges or Apples? Pineapples roasted on the grill
P- Phobias/Fears? – The urge to step off into the air when I am up high and being killed in a fire and attic rooms
Q- Favorite Quote? - "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are going.” – Lao Tzu
R- Reasons to smile? - Sunshine
S- Season? – Fall, Spring, Winter (Summer if I am inside or in water)
T- Tag 3 people? – Any three people who are interested.
U- Unknown Fact About Me? – I am allergic to milk.
V- Vegetable You Hate? – Cooked cabbage.
W- Worst Habit? – Eat too much.
X- X-rays You've Had? – Teeth, foot, lungs.
Y- Your Favorite Foods? – My mother’s spaghetti.
Z- Zodiac? – Libra with Libra rising.


  1. Nessa, your card is beautiful. How did you do that? My sister does that 'stamping' kind - but yours is so much more unique.

    What a rebel you are, girl! When given the choice of two answers - you pick another, entirely. :-)

  2. Whatever you picked we kmnow you a little better.

  3. Always enjoy these. Thanks for the glimpse into your life.

  4. Nice to get to know you better!

  5. Thanks for doing it nessa.

    Great answers! Its nice to know there are other people out there who find their family important!

  6. Mr. Fab: People have often despaired over that trait.

    Quilly: Lists, I loves me some lists.

    Jackie: Thank you, Jackie. It’s made out of tissue paper, acrylic paints, cotton balls, plastic candy forms, paper towels, cross stitch cloth and felt on poster board. It’s very tactile. My brother’s first wife used to get upset because I taught my nieces to color clouds and trees in purples and pinks. I color outside of the lines, too.

    Dr. John: That is what is fun about these. They are an easy way to get to know one another.

    Andy: Oh, no, the terrorist avatar. Nice to see you back.

    Rhea: I’m an open book, well, an open list, anyway.

    Tina: I believe if you decide to have a family, they should be put at the top. I loved your newest joke. Great. Time to go grocery shopping before the masses get to the store.

  7. I am so gonna hang out with you and eat worms in dirt and snip and cut and glue. too much fun, that's you!

  8. Lovely to get to know more about you, thanks!

  9. Wow ... a daughter named Snoogs? What a cute name! I always like cool names and nicknames (I'm assuming Snoogs is the latter ...)

  10. Cindra: While sitting on the floor in our jammies...

    Katie: Thanks.

    Diesel: Happy No-Fossil Fuels Day.

    Anita: Yes, after the fabric softener Snuggle bear. I have lots of nicknames for her which I use regularly. Oddly, I don't use nicknames for anyone else.

  11. Mmmm, gummi bears. How about gummie bears on top of fro-yo?

    I didn't know I had been married longer than you. So cool. 2001 represent!

  12. yeah...I have a thing for tags and this one I warned that I´ll probably lift it from here at some point ;)
    pineapples roasted on grill? Yummy!

  13. The toughest one on here is "unknown fact about me." There are few things about me that SOMEBODY doesn't know.

    -- david

  14. Egan: Is that frozen yogurt? I waited a long time. I don't believe in divorce, so I waited until I found someone I actually liked; D

    Minka: Steal away. I will look for yours. I'm sure it will be fun.

    David: Are you an open book?

  15. roasted pineapple? yeah baby!
    cooked cabbage? ewwwwww.
    Libra?? me too!

    gee, Nessa, we have more in common than i realized!! lovelovelove that! xoxo

  16. Neva: So very cool. I enjoy knowing what I have in common with other people.

  17. Nice job on your meme! It is nice to see how much your love for your family comes through. Being burned alive would scare me too. It was nice getting to know you a little better! :)

  18. Well Nessa, being a little rebellious with some of those answers? Worms in dirt are my favorite thing too.

  19. January or February? - October

    HA HA!! Good one! How about March? March is pretty sucky too, huh? It's raining here in NJ. And raining. And raining. And raining. And raining.

  20. Pamela: Yes, my family does rate pretty high on my heart-a-meter.

    Kat: I'm sorry. I'll behave;D

    Dan: Not any more, with the raining. Yesterday afternoon was spectacular. Unfortunately, I was in an office being tortured.

  21. I love memes. This was well done.
    How wonderful to see BlogBlast all over the internet. Thanks for promoting.
    June 6th will be awesome.


  22. Mimi: I wish I saw more globes around.