Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog, Interrupted

At 1:47 pm EST, I finally made it up here to my office. I planned on coming up here at eight this morning to catch up on my blogging but we had a
surprise that I didn’t expect (or it wouldn’t be a surprise, silly.) It took a while for it to dawn on me that a fire broke out in two buildings up the street from our house. From my pictures you can’t tell how bad it was. White and black storm clouds leaked from under the roofs. The best view was from my garage but the sun was rising right behind the fire and smoke so the pictures did not come out well. First, I just wanted to get out of the house with Cody in case we had to evacuate. PSE&G showed up to disconnect the transformer in front of one of the shops. Then, I saw our fire department had everything under control, so I put Cody back in the house and got a few pictures, per my daughter’s orders.

My daughter had a fit when I called her. She’s a firefighter here in town, but she was working at her job at the hospital today. Once she found out that all of her firefighter friends her age were in class, she felt a little better. Although my daughter and her friends were not there, I watched a long time. It was interesting to see what the firefighters do. They work very hard. My daughter is a little thing, five feet three, and today I got to see the huge water filled hoses she has to drag around and aim at fires and the tanks she has to wear on her back when she goes into buildings.

The fire started in a little tin auto shop where they paint old beat up cars and because of the wind, it spread into the garage of a cement finishing company right behind it. The aluminum roof of the auto shop completely buckled and melted. The cement company lost all of their rubber cement stamps, but their trucks and other big equipment didn’t get damaged.

Now, I need to regroup myself and get busy with what I originally planned on doing.

Update - Sunday 8:23 am: Snoogs (rhymes with books; my daughter) tells me the fire started while the man was painting a motor cycle with the doors closed and a spark ignited. The bike went up in flames and the man did get his hands burned fairly bad.


  1. Thank goodness it wasn't windy! Nothing scares me like fires do, and I can never get over how brave our town volunteers are. Glad you're safe Nessa!

  2. Kat: Thanks. Fires scare me too.

  3. I am glad no one was hur, and your house still stands.

  4. That's a little close for comfort. Glad they got things under control quickly. How wonderful that your daughter is a firefighter. It is very physically demanding work! You must be really proud of her! :)

  5. What a day. But you did get a great post out of it so really, all went according to plan.

  6. Wow... that is some excitement. Also glad no one was hurt. Yikes. That little tin auto shop is THAT close to your home? I think that would freak me out just because of the possibility of things like that happening.

    If you can't tell, I may be slowly morphing into Howard Hughes. I'll go back to my cola bottles now, thank you. =:-0

  7. I'd have been running around wringing my hands - wouldn't have thought of the camera! Good pictures. I'm so glad no one was seriously injured, fire scares me. Glad there are people like your little Snoogs to take care of things!

  8. Great photos. That was sure too close for comfort. I am glad everything is OK.

  9. Glad the fire didn't come in your direction.

  10. Yikes. that is scary. i'm glad no one lost their life. never a dull moment...

  11. Painting a motorbike? That should be listed as potentially hazardous activities, methinks. (actually anything to do with a motorbike)

  12. Not a pleasant thing to experience whether near or far away. Sorry I have been absent my work schedule has increased and I'm attempting to crochet for the new baby. Hope all is well with you...

  13. That is cool that your daughter is a fire fighter, Nessa. I have been privileged enough to see the mountain behind the house that I grew up in go up in flames, but not have any damage done to our neighborhood. It was always a wild, scary time when that'd happen.

  14. Quilly: Me. Too.

    Pamela: I am very proud of her. She is also an EMT. She’s a tough broad for a little pipsqueak.

    Doug: Don’t tell anyone, but I was thinking, “I need some good pictures to show everyone online.” Does that make me bad? Am I paparazzi?

    DCMM: I never knew it was there or that he was doing any of that. Now he’s not. HH had many good qualities. Just watch the tissue fetish.

    Jackie: The fire station is right across the street from where it started, so they got it under control very quickly. Unfortunately, the types of buildings they were and what was contained in them fed the fire.

    Mo’a: Thanks. Did you get my email about free Rosetta Stone courses at the library?

    Dr. John: Thank God. I was a bit worried at first.

    Cindra: Always something happening. Wears me out.

    Logo: You hate to see such tragedy happen to a motorcycle, but I don’t think she was a pretty as yours.

    Jenn: I guess they are dangerous in more ways than just riding them.

    Pauline: Can’t wait to see baby pictures or the poems you will write to her.

    Grunty: We used to live in the NJ Pinebarrens when I was about 12. The fire department burned them on purpose to get rid of the brush. Our house was two lots away. It was exciting whenever they did it. Scary, but exciting.

  15. Leave it to Logo to worry over the welfare of a donorcycle. Fire bad. Nibby good.